Seduced by toys

Who's that behind those Googles?
$99 at American Optical, Mr. Anderson

The atmosphere at Google these days must be akin to famed Bell Labs’ days of wine and roses.

While last week saw the Do No E-vil conglomorate’s sidle into the nation’s cable/tv space 1, yet another tentacle arm of the borg company announced something far cooler – eyeware.

I wonder…is x-ray vision included?

WNBTv - Good TV!

4 Replies to “Seduced by toys”

  1. somehow I don’t share in all that TV excitement. Google doesn’t have Jobs-like person who will tell content providers “this how it’s going to be from now on”. So far Google doesn’t have any product where they have to deal with irate customers, so those who hope to escape ATT and TW don’t really know what they are getting into. Price-wise and service-wise it may or may not be an improvement. Internet is full of stories of Google deleting things, closing accounts, etc with no recourse or even a reply. So good luck….

    1. I agree with your sentiment on a Google TV/cable offering; customer service is a tricky bz in best of times and consumers will probably expect far more than what they’ll undoubtedly get for their premiums. Which I expect to be more than other providers, by the by…

      I DO think the glasses have a chance to be cool.

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