Greeks Eagerly Embrace Measures to Assist EU Allies By Promising To Eat Dog Indefinitely; Delegation Immediately Sent to ROK For Tasty Bulgogi Recipes

“Greece enacted billions of euros in spending cuts and fresh austerity measures last night in a volatile parliamentary vote aimed at avoiding default on its national debt and keeping the eurozone intact, despite some of the worst rioting and political violence witnessed in the country in years…

In return, Greece is to receive a second eurozone bailout in two years worth €130bn in addition to a €100bn writedown of debt by the bankrupt country’s private creditors.

There was turmoil inside the parliament, too. MPs voted 199-74 in favour of the cutbacks, despite strong dissent among the two main coalition members.A total of 37 politicians from the majority Socialists and conservative New Democracy party either voted against the party line or abstained. A further six voted against sections of the legislation. After the vote, the government announced that those 43 MPs had been expelled” (via)

if you’ve not been following along at home 1, you should understand that the riots, the forced dog-eating, the rapine and pillage, it’s all over one, count it O N E, PayDay™ loan.

In other words this loan, the granting of which is based on the dog-eating 2, is only being used so Greece doesn’t immediately default on its obligations and bust up the EU.

Another, much larger loan from the ECB/IMF will be needed to actually bring back the EU from the brink of dissolution stave off the country falling into bankruptcy.

And to recieve that financing? Apparently even dog will have to go right off the menu. 3

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. Yes, we understand; it may take us months to get over Whitney’s demise…
  2. And to us that’s a wash; really, would it make any difference to your lunchtime gyro if the meat’s dog or “lamb”? Didn’t think so…
  3. Which I suppose is fine; the only successful Greek restaurants serve just one meal  breakfast. usually for less that $2 U.S.

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