Even if they have lil\ bunnies?

There are pressing issues and then there are  pressing issues.

Down in Louisiana, they have their priorities straight:

“I’m going to do a national letter writing campaign to major department stores, to Targets, to Best Buys, to Wal-marts,” said Williams outside of Government Plaza in downtown Shreveport.

Williams, a self-described conservative in the dress code area, told other commissioners in a fiery speech that there should be respect for law and order, and asked them “Are we going to do let this generation tell us what to do, or are we going to be leaders and lead this community?” (via)

Caddo Parish Commissioner Michael Williams on why is seeking a ban on wearing pajamas in public.

You go, Commish! 1

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  1. But do yourself a favor and stay off 48 South; you go far enough and your eyes will be seared by the sights down N’awlins way.

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