I Think We Lost It

We’re reasonably certain we just tsk-tsk’d the U.S. government’s policy of stalking and killing its own citizens drone use within America proper, but apparently many of you are dyslexic, not reading for context or simply plain stupid. 1

ABC/WaPo released a poll that shows, among other depressing trends, that Democrats, yes Democrats, approve of (presumably hypothetical ) drone strikes on American citizens by 58-33, and even liberals approve of them, 55-35.

We were happy to cast our 2008 ballot for Obama but, as we’ve noted elsewhere, are unlikely to do so again; that the gentleman is quiet as a church-mouse on these results does little to temper our growing unease.

Do I believe Obama will green light the use of drones to hunt and possibly kill Americans? People, read the links above carefully – the government has already made use of the technology. On Bizarro World, where Shrub and The Dark lord are universally loved and still rule to this day, stalking its own citizens might make sense. But in this world it’s just another sign of the growing fascism we’re allowing to curtail our lives.

And what about that; what if Shrub and The Dark Lord had used drones to track criminal fugitives up in the Dakotas? Do you think that these ridiculous poll numbers would be accpeted with the same sangfroid? 

Surely the Dems, Independents and Liberals realize that, at most, Obama can only serve another term, n-est ce pas? Surely they understand that it is far easier to cede power than it is to revoke it and that a President Romney, perhaps in a fit of ultra religious mania, could conceivably use drones to stalk and kill all those who profane, relate japes of a sexual nature and/or those who display condescension and mockery toward the Mormon faith. 2 

Who knows how a President Santorum or a President Gingrich would use the technology.


This shit is not a joke, not something you can call “do overs” on later.

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Fucking crazy also works well here, but is even more depressing than the prior choices.
  2. Which covers pretty much everybody except the Mormons. Oh…and the M.I.B. You know, The Watchtower people? Pretty sure they have absolutely no lives, either.

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