The Eternal Question

We are fiends for a drive-in.

During the off season, when we are normally 1 somewhat confined indoors, we often set up those little stubby-legged pool chairs in front of the living room LCD display, rearrange the wireless speakers next to them, turn out the lights and screen a family favorite or two.

Adding to the spirit is dry, over-cooked popcorn that is then saturated with a secret yellow chemical 2 only vaguely resembling butter. If we’ve had time, also served (in the same white doily edged cardboard half-containers every snack bar uses) are “hot dogs” we’ve left warming on the grill all day. Mm-mm, can you say salmonella tasty!

Finally, during particularly tense/funny scenes 3 either Nora or myself will suddenly stand up and block the Astas’ view, simulating the typical over-sized Ford/Chevy Penis Substitute driving moron as he insists on NOT parking in the back row. 4

We miss the quiet drives back home after the movies end, but are still treated to the pleasure of gently lifting and carrying the Astas upstairs to bed.

WNBTv - Good TV!

An ongoing debate in the Charles manse is over what would make the best drive-in double feature.

Opinions vary as often as fashions, weather and political promises. With the fall/winter releases, I’ve updated my double-bill selection. Musicals, the both of them, that deal with change and growth.

Because, yes… I am that sensitive. 5

WNBTv - Good TV!

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 5 footnotes

  1. That word has already lost most of its usefulness vis a vis traditional weather patterns, thanks to (nonexistent) global warming.
  2. All we can say is this: one must have a license to purchase it; it is dear, and only by the ounce; and you must wear plastic gloves to handle it.
  3. Or mise-en-scènes that escaped the rating board’s (Nora) notice; it’s almost tragic how often gratuitous violence populates films any more.
  4. We find our-self with this duty more often than not; it has been decided – by unanimous family vote – that we more credibly emit…aromas…that mimic, both in volume and scent, that of the noxious rednecks’ carriages.
  5. What? You think your choices would be better?

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