Don\’t tase me, bro!

Die, scum!It’s a Tuesday and you’re bored; you feel like getting tased and perhaps dying for no other reason than to make a cop feel ‘manly’. That being the case, where oh where is one most likely to get tased to death?

Amnesty International recorded the largest number of deaths following the use of Tasers in California (92), followed by Florida (65), and Texas (37). The Oklahoma City Police Department led all law enforcement agencies in deaths (7) following by Las Vegas Metropolitan Police, Harris County Sheriff’s (Tx), Phoenix, Az and San Jose, Ca., all with six deaths. (via)

The good news is stunning:  only 500 people in Amerika have been unnecessarily tased to death and none of them in Kansas City.

Killa City, indeed. 1

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  1. We’re old school; we prefer to unnecessarily kill one another by gun.

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