Arc Light Redux

Bye bye bunker! This dramatic image shows the first GBU-28 test article milliseconds before impacting the test target at the Tonopah test range. The weapon buried itself so deep during this drop, that the USAF did not bother trying to dig it out. During a rocket sled test conducted at that time, the BLU-113 test warhead punched through a 22 foot thick stack of steel reinforced concrete slabs, to be later found one half mile down-range from the target.TONY JONES: So the big question is: will the United States give Israel a green light to do that? And I note in your piece you talk about in the past a history of the US giving Israel a flickering green light.

RONEN BERGMAN: The issue of the colour of that light from the United States has been in the centre of the complex and also very intimate and deep relations between the countries.

There are two previous sentences – Israel stroke the Iraqi (inaudible) in 1981 in spite of the very strong objection from the United States. Israel sent its bombers to destroy the Syrian reactor in September 2007 with the tacit consent of the United States.

Now, what sort of lesson can Israel drew from these two instances? What sort of lesson can Israel take or assess by the latest comments from the United States? This is under severe debate in Israel. Is the United States is giving Israel a flickering, blinking green light? Is it a red light? And if it’s red light, what the United States would do if Israel strike? (via)

If any single individual was situated to make such a prediction, it would be Bergman. His piece in the NYT Sunday Magazine makes the case for what most of us sense coming – Israel is gonna light Iran up.

And over at HuffPo Michael Calderone makes note of the similarities of press coverage leading up to illegal invasion of Iraq and what we’re about to witness in Iran.

And as we mentioned just over a month ago, EVERYBODY in our political structure seems to be on board with reconfiguring much of Iran into a largish ice-rink.

Our guess? Sometime well before the Feast of Annunciation. 1

Undoubtedly late some night, while we’re all safely tucked into our beds, shit will rain down from the heavens over much of Iran.

The following morning, probably announced by George “I’d Sell My Soul For A REAL Story On GMA’  Stephanopoulos, we’ll discover the Iranians did something wholly unlikely; perhaps they ran one of those tiny little suicide boats out the Straits of Hormuz and tried to take out America’s flotilla.

There will be night vision footage of the overnight pounding by air and sea. And, if Israel can convince the White House to join in (What? You’d leave us defenseless against these meshugeners? C’mon, it’ll be just a little shmuts…) ABC reporters ’embedded’ on board some large vessel regularly tossing Volvos inland from the Straits will breathlessly scream “What I can tell you, George, is it is very very loud here!” followed by a deafening cascaded roar of a 20mm Phalanx CIWS system throwing yet even more Volvos inland.

Soon reports will come in of other nation states’ involvement. Who? Fuck if I know, but interested parties include Russia, China, India, Pakistan, hell, the WHOLE of  the Middle East, come right down to it.

But Israel may feel it has no other choice.

If that’s the case, settle in for a long one that no one will ‘win.’ 2

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. This is a celebration of an imaginary beings’ (the “angel” Gabriel) spontaneous appearance to a lass named Mary, who by all accounts was wed to a deaf mute named Joseph, he of Eli, or perhaps Jacob, an itinerant (though not by choice) tekton with the patience of a saint, as it was equally well known that Mary didn’t put out, well regarded husband or not. ‘Gabriel’ informed Mary she had won the “Mother of Our Lord” lottery and she should get her head straight and relax to the inevitable {Gabriel advised she close her eyes and ‘think of Nazareth’ }. Don’t worry about Joseph, ‘Gabriel’ said, I’ll take care of Joseph. And so a tale was borne…
  2. With two exceptions: i.) the Pentagon, whose budget will miraculously be restored, and ii.} the American industrial-military complex, a wholly owned subsidiary of Halliburton; Pocketed Politicians – Owner and Operator.

4 Replies to “Arc Light Redux”

    1. don’t know that is all that strange; if i were planning on taking out something in a nearby country -esp one that loathes my existence – i might also keep it on the qt

      on the other hand a peaceful solution may yet…nah

        1. i see

          may be a cultural thing. we as a people wouldn’t put it past our govt to green-light israel and later claim no knowledge; the israelis maybe figure their govt will argue vehemently for weeks/months but in the end stand down. both stances seem like cartoonish political tropes, but that’s only because they both occur so often.

          i sincerely hope israel does the argue ’til they’re blue in the face thing and then have no energy to bomb iran; as i mentioned, iran has allies (and possible ‘new’ friends) where earlier iraq had none. i don’t particularly want to see the mideast erupt into a larger conflagration.

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