Oh well

AaaaaaahSometimes life is not fair.

We were so looking forward to tkc’s scheduled case management conference re tkc presumptively defaming Louie (1116-CV22104 “ LOUIE WRIGHT V TONY BOTELLO ET AL” ) that we even bought a new outfit. 1

Imagine our chagrin then 2 when we learned that Louie’s mouthpiece recently left Blake & Uhlig, resulting in yet another delay as her replacement is brought up to speed.

The next opportunity to view Kansas City’s ugliest personality in the overflowing flesh will now be :

01/25/2012; 9:30 AM ; ANN MESLE; Jackson – Kansas City

You know, someone should start a FB page or one of those other social media thangs the kids all do now days…

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. It IS stunning, thank you for asking
  2. As well as others; we’ve heard from 4 newsies in the last 20 minutes on this.

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