No no no; she’s laughing AT you.

Talk about your insecurities. We haven’t seen this much breast rending and calling to the gods since Louis
called us a shithole last summer. 1

The NYT published two items this week that got up people’s noses.

The first, by Kansas City expat Art Brisbane, was such a head-scratcher the nation’s elite journalists are still talking about it. 2 The second piece was a minor reflection on one Jew’s diaspora here in the Midwest.

The national reaction to the Brisbane piece stopped just short of calling for the Times to fire their ombudsman. There wasn’t any national response to speak of on Sulzberger’s piece.

Locally Brisbane’s glaring misstep went unremarked.

The personal food search piece, however, was another matter. There were so many quick reactions it was astounding. Hell, even the Star weighed in. 3

For my money, M.V. nails this podunk town’s reaction.

Keep washing those hands, Kansas City.

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. He was correct then and now.
  2. And just might cost Art his position.
  3. Something they didn’t see fit to do in response for their alumni.

2 thoughts on “Seriously?”

    1. N.R. –

      A couple of things…

      1. Think, man! You just can’t willy-nilly dis a city like NY; theyll come after you;
      2. That Sulzberger kid sure has a loooooong memory. I mean, you were probably both still in high school when you posted your review, right?

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