Sandusky can die next

Joe died over the weekend.

As you might expect this reignited the “conversation” regarding his departure from Penn State late last year.

As to the contention that Paterno should, first and foremost, be remembered for his contributions to Penn State football and the university more generally: horseshit.

While dear mater instructed that if one had nothing positive to say about an individual one should stay their speech, it is worth noting the lady was married to an abusive drunk who was free with his fists, and her silence earned her, and those around her, nothing but enduring pain.

Fuck Joe Paterno for countenancing child rape, now and forever.

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4 thoughts on “Sandusky can die next”

  1. Dear Nick, Joe added to the human race for 40+ years. He is being judged for a moment, a bad moment that we all have and may have passed without the scale it has now reached. It is easy for cranks like you to throw stink bombs after the fact, what have you done to add to the world, let alone at the scale JoePa did. Did he fuck up, sure but he also had a lot on the other side of the = sign, do you?

    1. Park Warne

      No offense, but your logic is for the birds; there is NO way a caring human being ignores even the possibility of child rape, simply chalks it up to ‘a bad moment’. IT JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN. An adult is forced by their conscious to take action, even if it ‘stains’ an over-rated sports program.

      There’s no viable excuse for Joe’s inaction. None.

  2. he added 40 years to the human race, but he was part of taking away hundreds more. The children raped have to live much, much longer than 40 years. Fuck Joe Paterno and his lacking ability to realize what he’s helped take away from so many children.

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