Meep meep!

C’mon, guys. It’s my turn to drive!

We are sincere in our empathy for those of you who found something else, anything else, to occupy your Monday evening instead of viewing the recursive loop of alternating drivers of the GOP clown car.

We certainly wish we had fired up a doob and listened to some music instead. Alas, we apparently do not have the sense Thor gave rocks..

So let us note a thing or two for you…

While U.S. political ‘debates’ are almost always short on facts, many of the assertions Monday night were laughable; the U.S. did not cancel a US-Israeli joint exercise – Israel’s defense minister has plainly said he did; nor was the ‘comparison’ of our current naval force to that of 1917 particularly apt. We had thought that one had been put to bed, but, nooooooooooooo, back it comes.

One of the more hysterical 1 moments of the evening occured when it was revealed that the GOP is seemingly unaware that M. Castro – being aged, frail and ill to boot – sometime back transferred most of his authority to Raul 2 and minions. Moreover, this great cinematic mass exodus the GOP expects when Fidel dies? Ahhh…probably not so much.

And while we’re on Cuba: regime change? Really? WTF? Didn’t we just say Fidel holds no effective power any more? That the man is clinging to life by a damp Bounty paper towel? 3

Maybe the jackasses just want to be seen as ‘strong’ on military matters, huh? One understands the temptation to get all (verbally) froggy in the case of Iran , to shout we shouldn’t be talking to the Taliban -even if the Pros From Dover disagree – but Cuba? Give it a rest. 4

Justification for this jingoism was refered back to Shrubs’ old canard – “listening to the military”. Except, as we have already noted, none of the candidates is actually doing that. They are instead claiming to listen while promulgating their own insane ideas, an approach military leaders themselves find “offensive.”

WNBTv - Good TV!

We of course had the Astas watch the ‘debate’ with us.

Asta (now 8 going on 21) remarked that a) boys are generally mean, and b) the white haired guy looked just like a toad. Atsa Jr (6 going on Evel Knievel) commented that all of the boys, except the skinny sick one on the end, would have to spend a lot of time in The Non-cooperative Chair if they were in her class.

Perhaps a tad jejune, yes. However those insights are still more honest than what we’ve heard from the media.

Later today we will post the Asta’s reaction to yesterday’s big news…

WNBTv - Good TV!

Speaking of toads…

If you happen to have the day off, or work downtown and can scoot out of your office for a bit, still shows the Wright-Botello case management conference scheduled to happen this morning at 9:30, Division 7 in the courthouse, 415 E 12th st.

We doubt you will be invited to listen in.

However, what with (supposed) 1st Amendment rights on the line, as well as the case (possibly) assisting further delineation of the nebulous blogger-journalist demarcation, we fully expect the Pitch to send the A-Team (Peter Rugg or Justin Kendall) to query both lawyers, if not the defendant – Kansas City’s Most Obnoxious blogger – himself. 5 Given the possible import, even the Star should send at least a copy boy, doncha think?

If so it should be entertaining, to say the least, watching as tkc fumbles all over himsef in public. 6

MID MORNING UPDATE: According to, today’s conference has produced (so far) –

  • Order:Grant A. Atkinson’s Motion; Withdraw, Counsel of Record
  • Order: Scheduling and Trial Order

It appears tkc wants to let everyone in on his defense. Though we’re still not sure how his lawyer is going to attempt to prove his (and John Doe1 & John Doe2) comments were not malicious; everything on tkc’s blog appears malicious.

Any one at the courthouse with a LIVE update?

Eating A Fricking Salad For Lunch Update:

Justice may be many things, but swift certainlyain’t one of them.

tkc’s pretrial conference is set for November 19th, 2012, @ 1:30 PM, again Division 7. The actual jury trial is scheduled for November 26th, @ 9:00 AM; judge Ann Mesle will preside at both venues.

Get your tickets early – there’s not a lot of spectator chairs in those rooms….

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 6 footnotes

  1. As in “funny, ha ha”, as well as “omg these people want to run foreign policy!?!?!”
  2. His brother, in case you lack a scorecard.
  3. How long? The debate continues to rage; ask a million moms, get a million different responses. However, the point being he ain’t got long.
  4. If this hooting and hollering sounds familiar, as though Shrub and The Dark Lord were still running things, perhaps that’s because the same old tired deabeats responsible for the Iraq War (John Bolton and Dan Senor to name two) have been hired by the Gingrich, Romney and Santorum campaigns.
  5. No, we don’t expect Doe1, John and Doe2, John, fellow defendants, to appear. Mostly because, in our humble opinion, they don’t exist. But what the hell, we were wrong once before…
  6. One hopes his lawyer will have had the sense to force him to K-Mart to buy clothes to wear other than his normal nasty sweats.

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