La Mort de Démocratie

Yesterday we noted the following:

If you’re old enough you will remember that voting used to hold that honor. Not any more; gerrymandering, redistricting and outright theft of local and national elections have made it plain that voting is no more than a placebo, just as the Roberts’ court has made it plain that corporations count more than people.

Let us expand on that:

Citizens are now faced with evidence of the growing power of organized moneyed interests in the electoral system at the same time that the nation is more aware than ever that the inequality among income groups has grown dramatically and economic difficulties are persistent. This is a dangerous brew. Political power is shifting to the very moneyed interests that four decades of reform effort have tried to contain. The election system is being reshaped by the Super PACs and the greatly increased power of those who contribute to them to choose the candidates who best suit their purposes. But little attention is being paid to the fact that our system of electing a president is under siege. While the political press is excitedly telling us how the polls on Friday compare with the ones on Tuesday, little notice is taken of the danger to the democratic system itself.

Much of the citizenry has become more restive—less accepting of the way things are. Can an election that’s being subjected to such seriously self-interested contortions be accepted by the public as having been arrived at in a fair manner? And what will happen if it can’t?

I commend to you the entire article.

If you are coming to the realization that all politics in America anymore is solely within the provenance private-sector money and marketing, with the brass ring being total control of the state…you are not alone.

Again I say, wake up people.

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