Our Holy Files

Brother Thomas, could you download the Gaga?

And then there’s the Swedes.

“Zealous file-sharing enthusiasts in Sweden can now take their beliefs to the next level and join the Church of Kopimism, as the widespread practice has now officially been recognized as a religion.

For about a year the Kopimists of Sweden, stemming from the Young Pirates, the youth movement of the controversial Pirate Party, have struggled to get their faith to be officially recognized as a religion, but have been forced to face repeated rejection.

But now, after their third application was successful, the self-proclaimed pirates can finally pray to their own holiness.

“Now we will focus on performing our religious practices and to maintain good contact with our members,” Gerson said.”

Ahem…or, amen, come to that.

I know I know I know; damn feriners and their un-American ways…

Here…let me make it up to you.

Julia Holter – Marienbad from RVNG Intl. on Vimeo.

Our Holy Files

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