GOP E-vil

I want to like Mitt Romney, I really do.

This is because Mitt’s the presumptive GOP presidential nominee 1 and I would like a reasonable choice to Obama this year. 2 But then he goes and makes up a bunch of bullshit like this and I’m back to wishing Ron Paul was only half a loon.

The fact is the Seven Sisters have a tighter rein on the GOP than they do the Dems. This does not make the Democrats blushing virgins by any stretch, as Obama will undoubtedly prove this coming week. But at least most Dems don’t go around bad mouthing an agency who’s only brief is to protect America’s natural resources. 3

The EPA does not kill jobs.

If anything we need tighter EPA regulations to force innovation. There has not been significant improvement, either technically or in regards to  *ahem*  safety, in the industry in roughly 150 years. Additional regulation would force the industry to literally clean up its act, while simultaneously creating American jobs that couldn’t be shipped off-shores.

When it comes to big oil Mitt is no more than a paid shill for the Seven Sisters; there’s not a hair’s difference between him and a TV spokseman. Remember – all the Seven Sisters are interested in is killing any alternatives to their monopoly, and most of Congress are their paid bitches.

That includes Mitt.

Pay attention this election cycle, people. 4 We are in danger of becoming weaker, and worse – irrelevant, and therefore vulnerable while other nations do the sensible thing.

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  1. Well, he is if the morons running the RNC have any sense.
  2. Suffice it for this post to note that Obama’s caving on the NDAA has more than ticked me off; I will go deeper into his notable shortcomings at a later date.
  3. How well they do or don’t accomplish said task is a post for another day.
  4. For those of you born yesterday (in relative terms) it’s worth noting here that my first official post-Vietnam fandango had to do with oil. Nearly 40 years later it’s still on the menu

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