Don\’t Worry, Be Happy

Fuck! The jackasses in Congress simply won’t quit…

This time it’s everyone’s favorite passive-aggressive, that little puke from the obviously constipated state of Connecticut, Joe Lieberman, who’s trying to nut America.

Cast your mind back back back…to last month. You remember we were talking about Congress considering the National Defense Authorization Act, parts of which gave the President authority to use the military as his personal jackbooted thugs to arrest and indefinitely detain Americans without trial or charge? Well, that language was revised because, as in the case of SOPA/PIPA, a whole bunch of people raised enough of a fuss.

Enter sneaky ol’ Joe, raging fuckwad independent, to sponsor S. 1698, AKA the Enemy Expatriation Act, companion piece to HR 3166.

The resulting (combined) bill would change portions of US Code 1481.

If you look closely to the difference in language between the old and new only one thing strikes you: there is now no reference to being convicted.

So…the NDAA was neutered. However ol’ Joe the fucking terrorist and friends found a way around that; they simply strip Americans of their citizenship 1 and the NDAA will apply.

With the US government’s backdoor ability to strip Americans of their citizenship, without being convicted, of being “hostile” against/toward the United States., it means one could be stripped of nationality for “engaging in, or purposefully and materially supporting, hostilities against the United States.”

“Hostilities”, as used here, legally means any conflict subject to the laws of war.

The War on Terror, for example.

Although….what is The War on Terror, really? 2 The phrase is more than a little foggy and yet, as we have seen, can encompass nearly everything. Conservatives have vigorously tried to tar OWS protesters as ‘terrorists’ since the movement’s inception. Should these changes to US Code 1481 be enacted the government could just accuse OWS protesters of supporting ‘hostilities’, strip their citizenship and apply the indefinite detention section of the NDAA.

All without a trial.

Wake up people.

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Without the messy inconvenience of adhering to the Bill of Rights and resultant legal folderol.
  2. Besides an annoying social media artifact still hanging ’round from Shrub and The Dark lord’s reign, I mean.

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