Coming Apart

If the Illuminati literati have yet to transform Charles Murray’s upcoming book into a cultural benchmark against which all political candidates must test themselves, it will surely occur soon.

Indeed there is already an on-line quiz where you, too, can test your…er…thickness. 1

Here’s Murray’s (encapsulated) thesis:

As the new upper class increasingly consists of people who were born into upper-middle-class families and have never lived outside the upper-middle-class bubble, the danger increases that the people who have so much influence on the course of the nation have little direct experience with the lives of ordinary Americans, and make their judgments about what’s good for other people based on their own highly atypical lives…

Many of the members of the new upper class are balkanized. Furthermore, their ignorance about other Americans is more problematic than the ignorance of other Americans about them. It is not a problem if truck drivers cannot empathize with the priorities of Yale professors. It is a problem if Yale professors, or producers of network news programs, or CEOs of great corporations, or presidential advisers cannot empathize with the priorities of truck drivers. It is inevitable that people have large areas of ignorance about how others live, but that makes it all the more important that the members of the new upper class be aware of the breadth and depth of their ignorance.

The online quiz issues points from 0 to 20, where 20 denotes a full immersion in the ‘mainstream’ American culture, and 0 puts you in an isolation tank. 2

There are a number of race-blind questions in the (full) poll: the top-grossing movies, the most popular TV shows, restaurant chains, etc etc etc. Others though, were a little more problematic; we own a Suburu, for example, so it’s axiomatic Nora and I are a lsebian couple. Except we aren’t.

Take either poll; we’re always interested in results/opinions.

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  1. Full questionaire from the book here.
  2. I can’t imagine any pol today scoring less than a gazillion points.

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    1. So you took the on-line test? Cool. I have to wait until tonight, after Nora and the Astas retire, to do the long one…interested to see if it makes a differnce.

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