CIA it is then…

(SCENE: Interior of Nick’s chilly ‘benz as it turns south from the Nelson’s underground parking lot and begins the three and a half minute journey to the Charles manse. Asta Jr is yet entangled with the belts of her child’s safety seat; Asta in her simple booster has long since fastened her seat-belt. Nick, per unanimous request, or unanimous request if his, Nick’s, preferences are not taken into account, which of course they are not, has just dialed in XM Kidz on the satellite radio. Nora is elsewhere but even if she wasn’t he, Nick, would still be out-voted. The car passes KCAI…)

Asta: Dada?

Nick: Yes.

Atsa: Where do most people go to college?

Nick: It depends. For example some kids go there (KCAI) rather than ‘normal’ colleges if they want to work in the arts or media afterward. Some kids go to schools to work on jet engines or drive semi-trucks…

Atsa Jr: Cool!

Asta: Where will we go, dada?

Nick: Depends. When you get older and take a look at what you think you would like to do, that may have some bearing on which college you choose…


(Elizabeth Mitchell sings Little Liza Jane. The tune always puts him in mind, for no reason he can discern, of the actress Elizabeth Mitchell’s scenes with Angelina Jolie in Gia, which, given the current context, seems doubly perverse; for not only how many times has the singer Elizabeth Mitchell been asked what it was like to be naked with and kiss Angelina Jolie {enough times perhaps that she regrets her artistic doppelgänger’s existence} but in the quietly enclosed space of the German sedan the Astas seem older, already grown and possessed of that eerie ability women have to just know, without doubt, when you  are thinking of other [or, in this case, two, well, three other] women. The car, despite being parked in the Nelson’s frigid garage the past 3 hours, seems over warm.)

Asta: Dada?

Nick: Yes.

Asta: So…we’ll choose what we want to learn?

Yes: Yes.

Asta: I want to learn ice cream.

Asta Jr: I want to learn cookies!

Nick: That’s cool…

(End Scene)

 “Let us think of education as the means of developing our greatest abilities, because in each of us there is a private hope and dream which, fulfilled, can be translated into benefit for everyone and greater strength for our nation.

Could there ever be too much ice cream? Or cookies?

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