Big Trouble

It seems like just yesterday we mentioned how even though we want to mack on Mitt Romney, he keeps crushing our young heart by constantly stepping on his dick. Le sigh…

Comes now the WSJ to further dampen our ardor

“Former U.N Ambassador John Bolton is set to endorse Mitt Romney and will join his top team of foreign-policy advisers, according to people close to the campaign…The Bolton endorsement will help buttress Mr. Romney’s image as the more hawkish of the GOP candidates…”

The WSJ also noted Bolton’s endorsement had dampened Gingrich’s ardor 1 as well as buttressed Romney’s image “…as the more hawkish of the GOP candidates.”

Which, one supposes, is fine; Mitt has always struck us as something of a puss.

However…perhaps you remember the younger Mr. Bolton as something of a…ahem… firebrand?

Former Bush administration ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton said today on Fox News that the killing of an Iranian scientist and sanctions against Iran constitute only “half-measures” in the quest to stunt Iran’s nuclear ambitions

For those of you not playing along at home, it seems an Irani scientist blew up yesterday 2 and for some odd reason the United States is seen as the prime suspect in the event. Of course the United States disavows said behaviour, stating – rightly, in our view – that had they wanted the Irani scientist dead, they would have just put the kids in Nevada on his ass.

However, and surprisingly, no one believes the United States; no idea why.

And Romney’s selection of Bolton only aggravates the situation. Bolton has long been a proponent of nuking war with Iran; he even went sideways with Bush the Lesser over the issue.

We mention all this because the only electable GOP candidate available is Romney.

No one else.

Not Perry, not Santorum, certainly not Paul. Period, end of story, finito. 3

So, again, while we would like an option to President Obama this fall, the GOP appear dead set on not giving us one. What – you think we’re going to cast a vote for someone who’s foreign policy could end up more disasterous than Bush the Lesser’s?

Think again. What kind of girl do you take us for? 4 5

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Show 5 footnotes

  1. As if! Nothing dampens Newt’s ardor. Nothing! Not even dying wives…
  2. No, not in his lab.
  3. Huntsman is another story – he’s certainly electable, and might even have better chops for the job than Romney, but, frankly, he’s not wacko enough for the “new” GOP base.
  4. Don’t answer that.
  5. But do stay tuned for an item written by one of Kansas City’s own…or used-to-was; Art Brisbane of the NYT wrote a stinker this morning.

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