Round 2

January had barely cracked its bleary eyes when teh stoopid was injected into an otherwise blameless new year. A Hawaii state Representatives, a Republican 1, introduced one of those bills.

You know the type; long on idiocy, short on common sense, much less tech savvy? Well, of course it wasn’t long before someone in the state Senate decided to piggy-back the broadband, as it were, and introduced pretty much the same bill. 2 Indeed, the Hawaiian Republican caucus has decided to pursue the issue as one of their top priorities this session.

According to Rep. Kymberly Pine (R- Oahu), the original intent of her bill was to protect “victims of crime,” not to compile virtual dossiers on every resident of –or visitor to– the Aloha State who uses the Internet.

And like all well-meaning politicians, Pine has has only the best interests of Hawaiians in mind, and absolutely no ulterior motives. Not one; not even a single, teeny weeny, itsty bitsy one.

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Here’s the thing. SOPA/PIPA took a standing 8 count only because nearly everyone on the Internet forced them to the ropes. That doesn’t mean the bills are going to slump down on their stool and toss in the towel. They will come back and back and back, much like a brain-dead Rocky 3, probably on insignificant and incremental under-card events until, if we’re not careful, Congress will have legally approved Internet censorship.

Do not be fooled. Intellectual/property rights violations as bemoaned by Hollywood and others is only the cover to allow our government to stop people like Eric Ryan and others from spreading the truth.

Even as SOPA/PIPA reeled out of the ring the Feds were quietly pushing a new boy, ACTA. ACTA will create an unelected, accountable to no one regulating body 4 to govern the spread of “copyrighted material”.

Balderdash. One of the main goals of SOPA, PIPA, and ACTA is to destroy the Internet as a free and open world-wide agora.

If that seems hyperbolic, consider this – it has gotten to the point, at least in this country, where occupying something is now seen as the responsible, bare minimum action one can take to effect change in our Republic. If you’re old enough you will remember that voting used to hold that honor. Not any more; gerrymandering, redistricting and outright theft of local and national elections have made it plain that voting is no more than a placebo, just as the Roberts’ court has made it plain that corporations count more than people.

Wake up, people.

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  1. Duh.
  2. Great…now the fuckin Democrats are doing it.
  3. But I repeat myself…
  4. Think WTO and its ilk.

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