Sex is the theater of the poor.

We lost one of cinema’s better auteurs this week.

Ken Russell died on the 27th. His most accessible works would probably be Tommy and Altered States, though he made dozens of films. A couple of my personal faves are Gothic and The Devils 1

Below is a clip (probably NSFW) from Salome’s Last Dance, of which Samuel Clemens remarked “Chastity — you can carry it too far.” 2

Happy Friday.

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. This last mostly because I am a sucker for a certain style of “scene chewery”, of which Oliver Reed was particularly adept.
  2. Or maybe not; Clemens may well have passed by the time Salome’s Last Dance was made. However, as the dead guy turned another year older this week, let’s pretend he was around when Russell was terrorizing the film world. It’s a lovely conceit.

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