The Return of SOPA

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SOPA box time.

If SOPA becomes law, there’s a laundry list of reasons why it would threaten the freedom we are used to on the Innernetz. Serious concerns include:

• SOPA would short-circuit the judicial system, allowing rights-holders to shut down websites in an ‘expeditious’ manner.

• DNS, simply speaking, will be gorked. Which makes the ‘netz and you less safe. There are many sites that explain why if you’re so inclined.

• Then there’s the whole legalizing government interference thing; with SOPA passage the American ‘netz experience would be censored on a par with China and Syria.

The most insulting part of this farce is the fact SOPA would be ineffective. Hell, even high school kids are hip to that factoid.

However, sure as nature is making lung fish that walk on land (again), Congress will do the bidding of those whispering in its ears while stuffing their pockets full of cash. 1
My read on this is that SOPA, if passed, is that the U.S. Government will have the legal framework necessary to shutter Google or Twitter or other any web site at any time it pleases believes necessary.

Like when OWS is pushing a protest.

If you believe that the American power structure and business elites were gladdened by the use of Twitter et al. throughout the Arab Spring, you’re a dmaned fool.

Should SOPA pass the unfettered conversation/dialogue that currently defines the ‘netz will fade into nonexistence, governments and corporations of ill intent will again be able to blind us to their activities, activites we’ve discovered over the last decade we don’t like very much.

The vote on this is tomorrow.

Before that happens, do yourself a favor and get involved. There’s a form just below that makes it easy to do so. Tell your friends. Have your dog fill it out, several times if necessary.

I don’t as a rule hawk this site but today is an exception; approach random strangers and have them read this post and fill out the form. It really is important.

DECEMBER 15th UPDATE: No admendment was accepted so the irrational SOPA bill procedes apace. Amazingly the committee spent time spatting like 5 year olds.

DECEMBER 16th UPDATE: “After two days of debate, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) abruptly halted a key hearing on the Stop Online Piracy Act, postponing a Committee vote on the bill until 2012. The move marks a win for hordes of internet activists who oppose the bill, but gives lawmakers another opportunity to juice deep-pocketed corporations for campaign contributions…” (Huffington Post)

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  1. The original “reach around”.

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