Here Comes the Presumptive King

I had no clue as to Facebook’s existence 18 months ago. 1

That state of grace did not last. 

At the time, in another venue, FB’s theoretical popularity was raised – would it one day become bigger than Google?  I argued 2 the app was essentially an on-line extension of high school that employed a value added bug feature to allow online retailers/direct marketers/spammers yet another opportunity to annoy everyone.

I would still argue for FB’s uselessness today. Nor do I believe FB could be considered bigger than Google. 3 I suppose millions of sheep may yet prove me wrong. Whatever.

However, as for this century’s new Mad Men…

What most users don’t know is that the new features being introduced are all centered around increasing the value of Facebook to advertisers, to the point where Facebook representatives have been selling the idea that Timeline is actually about re-conceptualizing users around their consumer preferences, or as they put it, “brands are now an essential part of people’s identities.”

Brands are now an essential part of people’s identities.

Or, I guess…when you say Nick Charles®©™, you’ve said nothing at all.

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Show 3 footnotes

  1. Nor Lady Gaga’s  & Justin Beiber’s, come to that.
  2. Which did not endear me to the site’s denizens; their normal wont was to simply note someone else’s observation or a trend/fad/passing fancy, while I tended toward somewhat aggressive (not to say argumentative-bordering-on-terrorist) commentary. I’ve always been shy that way.
  3. Or that it makes a dime’s worth of difference.

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