Over Easy


Just finished breakfast: 3 eggs, link sausages, hash browns, Wonder toast, coffee and OJ.

Below are snippets of comments heard while dining:

WNBTv - Good TV!

¶ A couple of  lawyers 1 speculating (rather loudly) over tkc’s cojones – or lack thereof – assume he won’t show this morning. Failing that the opinion here is that getting his ass handed to him would serve a) tkc and b) KC at large well.

I personally suspect that if his lawyer has a lick of sense she would have advised tkc to show up in a suit and tie and to keep his mouth shut except when spoken to;

¶ It is universally agreed that i.) East Coast sports writers (of whom there are nearly a bazillion) suck, and ii.) it’s sad that even with a bazillion East Coast sports writers Alabama only squeaked out a .0086 advantage in the BCS numbers over OSU, which iii.) proves the BCS is a rigged as the system before it, which in turn iv.) proves the need for a National Playoff system;

¶ 60-40 against k-State getting robbed of a better bowl game.

Maybe it’s just this diner, maybe it’s the mood, maybe it’s the fact that there are (this morning) mostly lawyers here, but most of the crowd is comfortable with VT, a clear-cut conference winner, going to the “better” bowl over K-State;

¶  The State is going to pussy out on Education in KC; 2

¶  You call that snow?

PM UPDATE: Scaredy-cat’s lawyer asked for continuance –

Hearing/Trial Cancelled:
Scheduled For: 12/07/2011; 10:00 AM ; ANN MESLE; Jackson – Kansas City

Scheduled For: 01/11/2012; 9:30 AM ; ANN MESLE; Jackson – Kansas City

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 2 footnotes

  1. Putative; they’re wearing expensive suits (ruined by hideous ties) and running their mouths rather loudly.
  2. More on that later.

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