You keep using that word, I don\’t think it means what you think it means

Hello. My name Is Izzie Marks. You trashed my TRS-80. Prepare to die.


We’re ridin’ in the car the other night. Christmas shopping. Below is a snippet of the conversation…

Nora: …and I still don’t know what you’d like.

Nick: I don’t need anything.

Nora: That’s not the point. The Astas want to buy you something. And for your birthday, too. So you need to pick a few items out, please. And besides, I don’t want to break the Christmas tradition of me going in to Micro Center to buy you something with all those nerds googling me. It’s not like they’re subtle about it either. They move down different aisles…

Nick: Wait. Did you say “googling”?

Nora: Yes. Every year. You’d think they’d never SEEN a woman before. Are all IT doofuses like that?

Nick: I think the word you want there is ‘ogling’. Not ‘googling’.


Nick: ‘Googling’ is when you…

Nora: I KNOW what googling is.

Nick: (soft laughter)

Nora: (blushing laughter)

(Christmas music from the satellite radio)

Nora: If you tell anyone…

Nick: Heaven forfend! 1

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 1 footnote

  1. If by “tell anyone” you mean ‘face to face, or even tête-à-tête, as it were. I would never do that.

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