You Say It\’s Your Birthday!

I got you a lil' somethin somethin...At 4:38 AM I turned another year 1 older. 2

In minor celebration (or perhaps tepid protest; it’s hard to tell any more) I am working from home. 

On the den’s muted TV a naked Jane Fonda cavorts around a seaside meadow with her horse. It says more than I wish that every time Jane turns her back to me I look for a tramp stamp.

The camera suddenly frames her lovely face and Jane smiles for me. Happy Birthday! 3

She’s not Monroe, but then…I’m not Kennedy.

Funny. All these years and I’m still the same. 4

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. And nearly another decade; missed it by that much!
  2. I trust you’ll notice, Scarlett, we share a birthday. Perhaps not the same year…or even the same decade, but it’s a start. DM me!
  3. Silly silly silly Roger Vadim.
  4. On the bright side I needn’t worry about next year’s fete

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