2012 BCS Bowl Games

Happy Bowl Season!

Or…not. It would seem to depend this year on where and whom your team plays. Kind of like last year. And the year before. Come to think of it, it’s been this way since the BCS came into existence.

Regardless, excitement abounds! Bowl games!

I mean, just think of it: 6-7 UCLA vs. the 6-6 Fighting Illinois! It’s the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl!


There are 35, count them – 35, bowl games this year.

Perhaps my memory is shot but I swear once upon a time there were just a hand-full: Gator, Cotton, Orange, Rose, and Sugar. And the Army-Navy game. The rest of the holidays you had to actually talk to your family and relatives.

Now there are 35. THIRTY FIVE.

No way one human can watch 35 bowl games. Can’t be done. In fact any single game this year might be enough to kill you just through sheer outrage. 1

That said below are the games we’ll be viewing this season.

But first I would like to think Time magazine for again honoring me as their Person of the Year. I am, of course, grateful, but, really, it’s too much. My 2006 award was, granted, well deserved. But to be honored again, and so soon, seems,well, unseemly. Please, wait at least a decade before doing this again. That said, I am humbled.

Okay, on to the bowl games. 2

*  Independence Bowl. North Carolina takes on Missouri the day after Christmas on ESPN Jr., ’round noonish. There isn’t really anything to recomend the game; I’ve just got a longtime slamfest going with a couple of Tiger alum at work. This year they’re all “So, what bowl is CU going to. Huh? Huh?” Cute. I hope NC wins by a million. 

*  Pinstripe Bowl.  Rutgers  plays Iowa State somewhere in the Bronx December 30th, fairly early in the morning CST. The game is on ESPN. Not an overly exciting game but when’s the next time ISU makes a bowl game, am I right? Plus it will make Justin happy.

*  Liberty Bowl. This pits Cincinnati agin’ Vandy New Years Eve day, another morning game, CST. I can’t find it on my TV schedule, which probably means one of the big 3 networks will carry it. Or maybe FOX; Liberty Bowl sounds like their kinfa of bag. In any event, Cinci fielded a pretty good team this year and it will be nice to see what’s (possibly) going to assist filling out the current Bevo conference from 10 to 12 teams next year.

*  Poinsettia Bowl. TCU takes on Louisiana Tech (8-4) the day after my birthday sometime in the afternoon. Broadcast by ESPN. Same reasoning as above; TCU will be a player in the Big Bevo conference soon. 3 

*  Chick-fil-A Bowl. No idea who’s playing, also on New Years Eve day. I watch for the commercials. Love them cows. 

*  Sugar Bowl. Michigan and Virginia Tech, sometime next year. It’s an evening game as everyone will be back to work after the holidays. On ESPN for the same reason. Leading up to the game I’m going to creat a Twitter account and follow only die hard KSU and Boise Sate fans. During the game I’ll read their tweets and laugh and laugh and laugh. 4

*  GoDaddy.com Bowl. Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois. Again, sometime next year. Again, an evening game as everyone will be back to work after the holidays. Again, on ESPN for the same reason. Strictly commercials; something about attractive…skanks.

*  Alamo Bowl. U-Dub vs. Baylor, sometime after Christmas. Pretty sure it’s an evening game and on ESPN. Whadda I know? The reason I’m watching is I expect the latest Heisman winner will strut his stuff. Even then I might not have watched, but again, really – when’s the next time Baylor makes a bowl game, am I right?

*  TicketCity Bowl. Penn State vs. Houston.  Again, sometime after Christmas. Pretty sure evening game, ESPN, yadda yadda yadda… I checked but there’s no over/under on how many minutes the broadcasters will spend talking about JoPo and Jerry S. rather than the game on the field. In a 3 hour game (give or take), I would expect 50-50 split, with a definite lean toward scandal should Jerry S. do something stupid again.

*  Outback Bowl. Michigan State and Georgia. Again, after Christmas, during the day, yadda yadda yadda. This should actually be a good game.

*  Capital One Bowl. Nebraska vs. South Carolina. Again, after Christmas yadda yadda yadda. This should also be a good game…that NU manages to lose in the final quarter.

*  Cotton Bowl. K-State vs. Arkansas. Okay, this one doesn’t take place until nearly Spring, on January 6th, 2-3 PM CST. It’s the Cotton Bowl so one of the Big 3 will broadcast. What can I say? K-State has bitched up a storm about not gettin the ‘right’ bowl. So when they lose to Arkansas it will be all the sweeter…

*  Rose Bowl. Oregon vs. Wisconsin. Dudes, look up the scheduling stuff yourself, okay? This should be a barn burner of a game. Plus? It’s the Rose Bowl.

* Fiesta Bowl. Stanford vs Oklahoma State. If you don’t know when/where this is, you ain’t a college footballer; go watch round ball or a lesser sport. Another barn burner, maybe the best game of all the bowls.

There you have it, the official Charles household 2011-2012 Bowl Schedule.

While it may seem a meager consumption, remember – Time’s Person of the Year has things to do. I just can’t sit around watching crappy football during the holidays. 5

Besides…fuck both LSU and Alabama.

WNBTv - Good TV!

Show 5 footnotes

  1. 6-7 UCLA vs. the 6-6 Fighting Illinois! It’s the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl!
  2. I’m not picking winners/losers/over/under. That’s a time waster as perception, East Coast sports writers and HAL – rather than outcomes- will determine the final rankings. You don’t like it? Tough shit: playoffs are un-American.
  3. Yes, I know – “Why do you care, Mr. Ran Away To The Pac-12 Guy?” Simple. Most the games broadcast in the mid-west are Big 12 games; I figure I should familiarize myself with the content. Plus…ISU and Baylor might have ‘one of those years’ again.
  4. Repeat after me: The BCS Is Always Right.
  5. Mostly because Mrs. Person of the Year won’t allow it.

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