You murder my father for this sword?

This is a sweetly sad vignette; perhaps a minor Buñuel and Dalí collaboration that played locally but the week you were out of town for work. 1

The girl is so there. She’s probably at her physical and emotional peak; a few more years of substandard food and neglect will muffin top her out of her (undoubted) few meager expectations. She will, after a couple three years of cheap romance on Friday nights followed by too many drab Saturday mornings, settle down with Johnny Butterfly-knife there (or his clone) and kick out a few more Jian sword dancing fools.

In her early 30s she will replay this vid far more often than she ever practiced the dance routine, nostalgic for a life that never happened.

Grandma’s sure got her Zen groove goin’ on though.


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  1. I have to admit that this is how I imagine daily life out in Independence, MO.

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