The Beach Boys Sang About Stanford\’s Cheerleaders, Not OSU\’s.

A friend called yesterday evening 1, and without so much as a “Hello” or “How’s it hangin’?” or even a guttural “Wassup?”, began to berate me for a.) not being on Twitter2, and b.) my belief that the Stanford Cardinals should be in the BCS Championship Bowl 3 over OSU. 4

“Look,” my exasperated friend said. “It’s not like you’re a gawddamned student there. Plus CU has become the PAC-12’s biatch; why would you support Stanford?” 5

I explained to my buddy that as much as I love talking college football trash, and Bevo IX football trash in particular, I actually am a Stanford student, thank you very much, and that his rude late night call with his ill advised opinions about a buncha inbred Oakies could wait for another time.

Or something very much to that effect. In any event he ended the call 6 and I went back to my class.


Back in late September I took advantage of Stanford’s online AI offering. Just as this winter I’m signed up for their Information Theory, Game Theory and Cryptography classes.

All for free.

In the decade since M.I.T. pioneered free university level courses online, I’ve taken enough of them to earn another degree and a half. 7

I highly recommend these courses, and M.I.T.’s: many of you out there are confused as to what comprises actual technological progress, as opposed to design advancement. Yes, social media types, I’m talking to you; I would especially steer you toward a CS101 course. 8

What’s it going to get in the way of? Twitter? Or those late night phone calls you’re so fond of?

Stanford's Cheerleaders

Show 8 footnotes

  1. A tad late in my opinion: what is it with holidays and late night phone calls?
  2. Actually, I do have an active Twitter account; I simply don’t use it after the manner of the majority. Which did not stop 007 from following me for a week. No, I didn’t cite Ian Flemming or any Bond film. Yeah, I know; go figure.
  3. This belief, of course, is dependent upon both LSU and Stanford winning out.
  4. At no time in the conversation, by tacit agreement, were Alabama or Arkansas mentioned. And, yes, in a perfect world Houston should be a lock. But also in a perfect world all Div 1-A schools would be part of a conference comprised of no more that 12 schools and play no more than 9 games plus a conference championship game. The winner of the conference championships would then play a single-elimination tournament with the remaining university crowned National Champions. However, as underwear-buying Kevin Costner discovered, this is not a perfect world. Get over it – Houston ain’t gonna be considered.
  5. That last part? About CU becoming the town pump of the Pac-12 is undeniably true. Sad, but true. But I expect we’ll get better. Unlike, say, Kansas. Or K-State, once Bill dies.
  6. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal!
  7. Brain surgery. So if you have a brain tumor? DM me, let’s talk.
  8. Logtar posted something interesting on the topic just this week.

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