Papa Joe

Publicity is like poison; it doesn’t hurt unless you swallow it.”

Perhaps the most disappointing aspect of the latest national fall from grace is the utter state of denial Penn State alumni, fans and Joe himself seem intent on occupying.

I am disappointed with the Board of Trustees’ decision, but I have to accept it. A tragedy occurred, and we all have to have patience to let the legal process proceed.”

Disappointed? And the a tragedy occurred phrasing? Talk about dancing away from the edge of the grave…

Paterno failed to do the proper, much less human thing, when he did not immediately put 2 into Sandusky’s head report Sandusky’s behavior to the police and then fire the assistant coach forthwith. In fact, McQuearry also deserved 2 in the head to be immediately fired; what grown man stands watches a child raped and does nothing?

And Paterno, deep in his heart, knows this.

But it’s obvious Joe has swallowed his own poison.

Sunday, November 13th – Ran across this while watching Sunday Morning with the Astas. It is worth your time.

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  1. I agree with you in principle, but from what I understand of the story (I could only stomach one reading of a single article), Sandusky was already retired when the locker room rape was reported to him.

    Uhg. Makes me ill just to type those words.

  2. People who say it’s only certain people and not the institution or Joepa, you are lying to themselves. Sanduskys actions was covered up by more than one adminstrator, and most likely the local authorities. The fact that it took 10 years for these allegations to surface, but NOT uncovered by the school is also very telling. What kind of institution protects people who commit child rape? I would not want to offer any support to that kind of institution.

  3. emawkc

    you are right and wrong.

    the grand jury report says that Joepa was told after the retirment of the pervert. Link:

    But Joepa was in charge of everything surrounding the Lions football program, and that includes 10 year olds being raped. If Joepa didn’t know, he SHOULD have know and was justifiably fired.

    I have a much hrder time with Mcqueary. He’s a hug eboy, he could have easily bet the ever lovin shit out of Sandusky. I f nothing else he should have tried, yelled, brought a janitoer in to help or witness. And why wit 4 fucking years to tell Joepa. I don’t buy that at all.

  4. Your forgetting Jerry was nailed by Penn State security back in ’98 for raping that kid in the shower. Snadusky admitted to hugging the child naked….that’s why he resigned or was forced out.


  5. I happened upon this site looking for another…But I have to say I think your deliberately crossed out words “put 2 in Sandusky’s head” are what I’ve felt since hearing about this. But I’m not violent, really. No, seriously. This is just what I FELT. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

    How DARE he do that to so many kids. And of course they were “underprivileged” (no fathers?) kids. What a reptilian devil-man.

    1. hey. jennifer. sorry you got lost, but welcome.

      yeah – it’s near impossible not to want to kill harm the man. and i’m afraid the longer this drags on (and i’ll go on record and say we’re due to be privy to the sordid details over the next year) the worse the revelations will be. hell, sandusky this morning was telling the world he showered with and hugged young boys in the shower but nothing untoward occurred.

      i’m afraid this will make the oj trial look tame and put all sorts of pressure on the boys/families involved.

      seriously, 2 in the head would be more humane

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