Olly olly oxen free

There I was working on some overdue TPS reports and I thought, well, hell, it couldn’t hurt to just peek in on tonight’s debate, right?

Fuck. Is there such a thing as ear bleach? 1

Without going into a ton of detail 2 a couple of things bothered me (more than usual) tonight.

What’s with this OCD fascination with following Muslims around? Nearly all of the jackasses tonight 3 believe we need to monitor Muslims closer than other citizens.

There’s bigotry and knee-jerk reactionism all over this idea 4 but what is most disturbing is the stupidity. Listen up people – we can’t physically do this unless we overwork already overworked DISA/NSA/CIA/FBI/DNI/DIA/NGA/NRO/DOE-OI/HSPD/INR/TFI/SS agents. 5

Plus, and I hate to be the bearer of bad news, do you truly believe all these agencies would/will/have-ever-in-the-past played nice with each other? As Al Hare, erstwhile Oakland, Cali, boy and my long ago military running-partner would say: Sheee-it!

Then there’s that whole assumption thang: one assumes that if one is following Muslims around that one has solved the problem, eh? Holy logical fallacy, Batman! Plus once the social media types can find and convince a followed-around Muslim to do an interview, there’s all that negative publicity. Which, as I understand the argument, leads to more disenfranchised and possibly radicalized Muslims. Which means we’d have more Muslims to follow around…

Eventually we would all work for intelligence agencies. Sort of…ad hoc like. Reminiscent of…oh Germany in a certain era? 6



Show 6 footnotes

  1. And eye bleach, please: Bachmann’s lipstick made her look like the Joker. Wadup wid dat?
  2. I still have to finish the TPS reports…right after I wipe some of the vomit off them.
  3. With the notable exception of Ron Paul. Who also thinks we ought to call “olly olly oxen free” on The War on Drugs, as it was lost back in the 70s; too bad so few people noticed.
  4. closer than other citizens? Really? How close are they monitoring the rest of us, you ask. Well…don’t ask; you don’t want to know.
  5. Yes, I agree: we need MORE intelligence agencies.
  6. And did you hear Newt say he’d bomb the shit out of Iran as long as it resulted in regime change? Well, I did and I’m here to tell you we don’t have anything in our arsenal that will bomb the shit out of a country AND guarantee regime change too. Just hasn’t been invented. You know what guarantees regime change? A whole lot of ground troops, in the hundred thousand range actually, that’s what guarantees regime change. So Newt wants yet another war. Sounds like to me he’s got the whole military–industrial complex vote sewn up, huh?

2 thoughts on “Olly olly oxen free”

  1. yeah look at all those idiots. 3 -2 term governors, 5 experienced business people,a successful speaker of the House , an ambassador to Asia and Obama is the smartest guy in the room?
    Keep drinking the koolaid Nick. I think it’s you are nuts not me.

    1. Lisa –

      None of the qualifications you cite apparently have a) caused those individuals to give deep and complete thought to their putative policies, much less the ability to express them coherently, or b) made them any more popular within the GOP proper.

      Huntsman, for example, isn’t rabid enough for certain factions within the GOP; Bachmann can’t think on her feet; both Cain and Gingrich have well-aired “issues”; again, Mitts isn’t the GOP’s favorite son exactly because he’s a moderate. Oh, and flat out Perry’s a self-serving loon.

      Then there’s the ideation struggle with which the GOP candidates all have a problem. Without being dismissive, you displayed this yourself: the U.S. does NOT have an ambassador to Asia, it has Ambassadors to countries that comprise Asia…China, Thailand, Laos, Japan, et alis.

      You see what I mean? To serious individuals words have certain meanings and connotations; it upsets us when candidates to the highest office in the land are i.) ignorant of those meanings, and/or ii.) deliberately pay no attention to them, as those details so small to be handled by staff.

      Nor do I believe Obama “to be the One.” That was Neo. Or that immortal guy in Highlander, depending upon your cinematic frame of reference. And Obama has screwed up, specifically in the area of privacy and the Bill of Rights, as well as a few other things.

      But he’s miles ahead of the crowd I watched last night.

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