Public Service Announcement

A reminder: the End of the World Ver 2.0 approaches anon.

This Friday, October 21st; the exact moment to be determined.

Understandably, this has many of you giddy with anticipation. Others (the more fashion conscious apocalypse-heads among you) are somewhat less gleeful, what with having purchased their Going To Meet Your Maker outfits back in May – it looks to be a tad chilly this Friday! Maybe just accentuate with a brightly colored sweater?

The 90-year-old California radio mogul Harold Camping says October 21 is it, so be ready. However this time around he isn’t spending money on billboards, so be sure to annotate your daily calendars, Crackberries and iEverythings. You don’t want to miss this!

And for those of you leaving us, why not leave a thoughtful gift behind? At the bottom of this post is the PayPal logo – you’ll note that you can make a one-time donation to this site through PayPal, in a variety of ways so give until it hurts. It’s not like you can use the money where you’re going, am I right? 1


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  1. For those of you whom, like me, aren’t going anywhere, please also feel free to make donations. The majority of the money will be used on prostitution, libations and other fun though illicit activities, with any remaining monies donated to Louie Wright, Local 42, to be used in his efforts to snuff out trolls.

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