Great news for Sarah Jessica Parker!

SJP’s massive I Don’t Know How She Does It fail, followed by the (we’re sure) excruciating New Year’s Eve, had left her faithful fans fussing over the ill-fated starlet’s future fortunes – who would ever hire her again?

WNBTv‘s ecstatic to report that SJP was recently hired to reprise her most infamous role: Carrie Bradshaw. And right here in Kansas City! Carrie Bradshaw is the young, spunky editor of an alternative woman’s magazine in the big city! With shoes shoes shoes!!!

Hi. I’m not here but my shoes are, so leave them a message.”1


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  1. A straight-out Congratulations! to Justin Kendall at the Pitch. Also? What’s up at the KU Med Center; is CJ starting an underground paper to tell TRUTH to the man?

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