In and Out Dim Sum!

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  1. Correct as the vid’s premise is, I’m still not sure I can bring myself to vote for Ron Paul.
  2. Also? I’ve no problem with anyone occupying Texas, foreign or otherwise; any citizenry that elects both Bush and Perry doesn’t deserve self-rule. Now if the vid’s makers had subsituted Colorado…

2 thoughts on “In and Out Dim Sum!”

  1. there was so much drama that it would be appropriate if the announcer’s head exploded at the end. it’s not like we don’t know what our troops are doing in Iraq, etc. I bet if RP was elected he wouldn’t be able to do all the shit he promised, just like Obama couldn’t close gitmo. it’s not like the president is running the country. Ron Paul is an old moron.

    1. It would have been COOL if the announcer’s head had exploded! Someone should have suggested that during post-production.

      As for promises…I can’t remember the last time any candidate promised something and then completely fullfilled it.

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