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Last Week

The days still take a minimum of twenty four hours to pass, sometimes as many as 48, but weeks now disappear as thoroughly and rapidly as the years. 1

Much was left undone this past week: shirts went unpressed, important calls were ignored (whatever) and the colony of chipmunks busy undermining the ol’ homestead received a (temporary) reprieve when I didn’t get a DHS voice mail (informing me my application for an explosives permit had been denied – go figure) until Thursday. 2  Updating “here” wasn’t a consideration.

However, as the rain has put everyone else in the house to sleep (including the fucking chipmunks), let’s do a quick review.

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I’m pretty sure the President gave a speech before both houses of Congress.

Once finished the usual suspects yammered away at their perceived pros and cons of  Obama’s proposals. Indeed, many harsh words were uttered, nay, shouted; if not from the rooftops, at least from the idiot tubes blaring network talking heads. Sound and fury etc etc, denoting etc etc…

Still, it’s hard not to blame them. Something really needs be done about the Big Bevo XII IX. 3 And all sports in general. But that’s a longish post in its own right.

Oh. And Romney and the TeaBaggers jammed somewhere down in Florida. I hear they killed. Or were willing to kill. Or were willing to at least let everyone die. Something along those lines.

Also? Dr. Stephen Green, late of the Kauffman Foundation and Our Friend’s school board (Academie Lafayette) was appointed interim Superintendent of the KCMSD. Technically, I believe this happened nearly 2 weeks ago, but it didn’t rise to our attention until rumors started floating around Monday that the state intends to pull KCMSD’s partial accreditation. That is a significant move that could equal the de facto disolution of the district.

Loss of accreditation would set a 2 year clock ticking, at the end of which -if progress had not been made- the state would take over the KCMSD. However, loss of accreditation would immediately free up parents of district students to enroll those children in any other adjoining school district. Should enough students escape leave the KCMSD, and should the DESE money follow each student as well, that might be the death knell for KCMSD.

Unlike the very public argument over the Big 12, the voices debating ‘what next’ are muted. The state is loath to pull accreditation as they already have the St. Louis system on their hands. Yet the walk-away Covington pulled, combined with an actual lowering of test scores on his watch, should not be ignored.

However my sense is that the state will once again equivicate and, with a wink and a nod, will ventually select Dr. Green to permanently fill Dr. Covington’s tarnished wingtips.

Which is a crying shame.

Not because Dr. Green is not up to the job, but because no one is up to the job.

This was made crystal clear in the immediate aftermath of Covington’s announced walkabout, when Benson used Richey as a cats’ paw to rid himself of West. This is the same 60-someodd Benson who has almost single-handedly determined the course of the KCMSD for the last thirty years. 4

There is too much wrong with the KCMSD to be set aright.

Could it be done? Sure, but in the 10 years it would take to dismantle the old insane institution and then rebuild a new workable district, 14,000 to 17,000 kids would receive a wildly sub-par education. It would be just more of the same.

Dr. Green’s job at the moment should entail nothing more than enlightened oversight of the closure of the current KCMSD. Anything else would be a combination of cowardice (on the state’s part) and overweening pride, arrogance and stupidity (on the part of everyone else.)


Something happened Tuesday, but I’ll be fucked if I know what.

Wait…was it Tuesday that Michele Bachmann said she had “…heard of a woman who got mental retardation from the HPV vaccine”? That was Tuesday, right? And how did that turn out – it was her, right?


In a reaction to a publicity stunt by Scarlett Johansson for her upcoming movie 5, millions of men involuntarily though firmly leaked their support for the project.

In related news the dry-cleaning industry set a single day record for number of requests for just suit pants to be cleaned, and quickly, please. 6


The world could have come to an end and I wouldn’t have noticed.

Yes, I was busy. I believe I led with that. But it wasn’t work that had my sole attention on Thursday, it was a dwarf. A porn dwarf, to be accurate. Hell, to be OCD about the matter, it was a stunt double porn dwarf.

Oh, and badgers were involved. Yes, the kind with sharp, nasty fangs.

I laughed my ASS off on Thursday. 7


Continuing with the previous day’s hilarity, news comes that Kansas City Catholic Bishop Robert Finn, he of the delicate sensibilities and questionable judgement, appeared before a Jackson County grand jury Friday morning.

Perhaps you remember Finn had been subpoenaed back in August? And then suddenly, and with no explanation, that order was quietly withdrawn?

According to stories on the Star’s site and every other Kansas City blog, a grand jury is looking into why the holy fuck Finn hasn’t already been thrown in jail and charged with, if nothing else, criminal stupidity. There isn’t a member of the literate public in Kansas City who doesn’t believe that the jackass broke several laws – not to mention some of the moral imperatives we understand his religion sets great store by – in the matter re Shawn Ratigan, presumptive short eyes.

In the best of all possible and just worlds, the Grand Jury would find Finn culpable in the Ratigan affair and hold him over for a trial.

But that’s not usually how the world works, is it?

More likely the Grand Jury, swayed by a report Bishop Finn paid for himself (and conducted by one of Missouri’s bigger political whores names) that states the local church did not follow it’s own reporting procedures re the case of Father Ratigan, will allow the Attorney General to persuade them (via a dazzling whiteboard display of symbolic logic…oh, okay; a simple Venn diagram) that while Finn may be incompetent, out of touch and a loathsome creep, he did nothing illegal by viewing child porn on Ratigan’s laptop, then returning the laptop to Ratigan’s family and waiting a month before he relayed any of this to the civil authorities.

The Grand Jury members, about 8 0f whom – statistically speaking – will undoubtedly be Catholics, will probably return a No Bill on Finn. We can but beseech mighty Thor to hammer those clods into charging Finn. If that happens prosecutor Mean jean will nail him to the barn, mark our words.

So, if he’s any sense at all, whoever is the American high muckity-muck for the catholic church ought to immediately reassign Finn somewhere out of state. This because though Finn himself should take off his pretty cape & weird hat, haughtily pledge to Kansas City that they won’t have this prelate to kick around any more, and then hie his holy ass somewhere out of state, the odds are he won’t. The catholic church has historically backed too many of these pervs individuals over the years for Finn to feel any fear. Moreover the local scold – the Star – is so occupied rotating on its thumb, when it’s not busy ridding itself of investigative reporters, that there will be no call for Finn’s resignation until such point as Finn is nearly convicted.

Also on Friday comes the news that Congress is considering making the creation of an account on Facebook using a nom de plume illegal.

Funny stuff. Someone should make a TV show.


Go, Jayhawks!


Go, Chiefs!

Look, I understand, but two slim losses to open the season doesn’t necessarily mean your team’s gonna suck this year. 8 However, if it is time for a change, I stand ready and willing to repeat my offer of almost three years ago.

At this point what do you have to lose?


Show 8 footnotes

  1. Say…roughly about the time it takes me to sip a cup of coffee.
  2. In pathetic compensation, later that evening I was reminded – via a popular, though insipid and certainly overpriced medium – that Thursday was once known as “Thor’s Day.” I found this tidbit nowhere near as “cool” as I had when 8; certainly it was not enough justification for spending $3.95. All I could think of was hammering chipmunks…it’s not like the movie could keep one’s interest.
  3. As I delighted in commenting on other sites this week, there is no little fun – not to mention irony – in watching what’s left of the Big 12 devour itself from the safe confines of the PAC-12andcounting. Though erstwhile blowjob prosecutor Ken Star has – for the moment – slammed on the brakes of Texas A&M’s elopement with the SEC, OU and OSU figure to head west as early as this week, perhaps even tomorrow; Texas’ commitments to ESPN, as well as their own love of money, seem poised to finally wreck the conference. What do they care? UT could, maybe should go the Independent route. That leaves open the question of where the middlin’ schools end up – KU, KSU, ISU and MU.  The ACC once seemed a lock for MU/KU. With the desertion of Syracuse and Pittsburgh from the Big East to the ACC, the Big East may come calling instead. And after KU’s outstanding performance yesterday? Katie, bar the door! Like I say, it’s fun to watch.
  4. And we’ve seen how THAT’s turned out, right?
  5. No, I don’t have a clue as to its title. Or what it’s about. Or who else is in it, when it’s due to be released, what the early word is or anything else. Surprisingly, Scarlett has yet to call me and offer up those details.
  6. Though if we could pick one day, say a Monday, and organize a flashmob movie viewing? And then have every American male over the age of 18 screen Chloe at work? You remember that part where Amanda Seyfried finger bangs Julianne Moore? Yeah – record broken, baaaaa-by!
  7. Thursday was also the day that someone pointed out to me that the R Bar was up for sale. On Craig’s List. Seriously. For $200K. Seriously. In a recession. And its location is in the dumps the West Bottoms. But I lost it when I read this: “If you love the restaurant business you will not find a prettier bar in town.” Because lord knows that’s EXACTLY what I look for in a bar – pretty. Yeah, Thor’s Day was a laugh riot.
  8. Yes it does.

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