It has been nearly a year since Chris Packham’s sense of humor ran away to join the New York circus.

For a while afterward we exchanged the odd e-mail, usually to do with DFW, Pynchon or how Packham’s heart always went on tour with his new rockin’ woman.

There was also a brief period where I dabbled in Facebook and would scrawl on Packham’s ‘wall’ or push his buttons. 1 But ultimately FB was no more interesting than Twitting so I dropped it like a bad habit. Fortunately, around this time Chris fell into Tumbling, so I could still check out his efforts once a week or so.

Then June died of heat exhaustion and all communication dried up.

His Tumblr site sits idle, the last post a bearded fat man offering puerile advice. I receieved my last e-mail from Chris about the same time.  2 

Maybe, I thought, things with the rocker didn’t turn out as planned. 3 Or he found actual, time (and soul) consuming work. Perhaps (and I sobbed a little at the thought) Chris didn’t want to be reminded of KC and his “old” life at all, he had made an emotional clean break. Or crime! You know how NY is, despite their endless PR, NY is crime infested – he coulda been mugged at a Starbucks, rolled at a Denny’s; those people are animals.

Rats. He coulda been eaten by rats.

I know I know – what are the odds? 4  But I remember it was one of the last things we talked about on FB. Chris was all like, no, rats don’t REALLY run NY, that’s just a stereotype, open your mind. And I was like, dude, I’ve BEEN to NY, and Jersey, so don’t TELL me about rats, alright? And he was like, pshaw! And I was like, dude!

I don’t know. Anything’s possible, right?



Show 4 footnotes

  1. Usually the “Like” button or else  – what’s the sense, right? I mean, it’s not like FB has a ‘Slap a Bitch’ button. Though I’m sure we’re all agreed it should.
  2. Wherein he pleaded nolo contendere to my request for a quote or two on Nadia for this post; something about a ‘deal with the devil…’?
  3. That would be a first, right? A new affair gone south?
  4. Greater than say…the Big 12 being pulled apart within the next 5 years?

7 thoughts on “NYNY”

  1. Heh, R.O.U.S.’s.

    I was watching one of those post-apocalyptic “what-if” scenario shows on the History Channel (or maybe it was Discovery, or Science. whatever) and they had biologists speculating that in the future, kangaroo sized rodents would evolved to dominate the urban landscapes.

    How do you like your rat steaks cooked?

    1. I set mouse traps and the Beagles tend to nab one every now and then. I don’t know what Eradibait is. I also use d-con and put it in a safe place next to the mouse trap with peanut ebttur on it. I do that inside and out. It helps a lot. I have to set traps in the driveway to keep the mice out of the cars. People think I’m nuts, but I’d rather be nuts than rewiring my car because a mouse chewed it up, that’s for sure. The Beagles don’t bother the traps and it works out perfect. For a while I was catching about 6 a day. Finally we hit a drop in population!

  2. This makes me sound like a record store douchebag, but I still occasionally pull out the omnibus Cup and Saucer Action News doc that CP so kindly sent me when that establishment went tits up. Cuz I love his early stuff.

  3. Also, do you remember his Farmer Bob phase? I had it in my feed reader and just left it there when he moved on to Pounds of Thrust. Then, a couple of months back, I saw there was a new post on Farmer Bob. Turns out the domain has been taken over by a non-ironic farmer in California, named – get this – Bob! Still not convinced it isn’t some convoluted Andy Kauffman-esque gag of Packham’s.

    1. Lee –

      Yep – Farmer Bob was fun.

      Better yet, Chris imported a lot of the old C&S News there. And PoT started out snappily enough, then just trailed off… I knew the end was near when he started the Tumblr site after moving to NY: tumbles themselves are post ironic and normally misuse fewer characters than a Twit.

      Wherever Chris is I hope he’s safe, warm, hydrated and can hear the little Christmas bells.

      Nothing was as important to Chris as angels getting their wings.

      (p.s. – not for nuthin’, and no offense to the current Pitch staff, but the Plog ain’t been the same since they pulled CP’s daily posts. Plus, you fuckin’ kids get off my dirt…)

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