Kyle James

(Ed’s Note: The video in question, indeed even the domain itself, has been removed. We will search high and low for another copy and post when we find it. 4/21/2014)

I did not know ol’ Judy still ruled day court.

Nor was I aware that idiots were so willing to flaunt their failings. To be “on the TV”, I suppose. But what was most disheartening about the vid was the sense of – no other way to say it – entitlement on display.

I wonder whether Kyle James’ sense of entitlement at Fran’s Restaurant yesterday morning was equally juvenile and obvious.

“Hey, I’m the Mayor’s son. I’m doing you a favor by eating here.”

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I suppose there’s a larger conversation we could have here.

Or do you think it too late in the day?

(UPDATE: According to KCPD documents Kyle James also seems to have a taste for sex with underage children. I wonder if he’s Catholic….)

(SATURDAY UPDATE – Kyle James publicly apologizes for his behaviour. Let us hope this was a one-off situation and Kyle seeks out and accepts the assistance he needs.)

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