Your KC Zen Moment

I’m late to this particular party, but…

Hey! Louis C.K.!!!

You got a lot of motherfucking nerve, callin’ Kansas City a shithole! That’s beyond the pale.

I mean, it’s not like our citizens attempt to rape dead people on the fuckin’ city sidewalks, you know?

Apologise! Right now!!!

6 thoughts on “Your KC Zen Moment”

  1. Kaw City IS a shithole and this here displaced Texas would tell anyone to their face that it is one. The reason that KC is a shithole . . . the place is a cesspool of hipsters and bad drivers. Municipal corruption runs rampant and no one can take a joke. The best part of KC is that everyone here is a pussy and I fear none of them. Also, the original poster needs some more spell check than what is coded into this webpage.

    1. beyond the fact that i.) the post was in essence agreeing with louis, and ii.) the copy was deliberately posted in the vernacular, someone needs a chill pill. hell – it’s not like you’re stuck indoors on a saturday selling overpriced watches for a living, right? relax – enjoy yourself; you’ll live longer.

      thanks for dropping by.

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