Unwarranted Nostalgia

Unwarranted NostalgiaSo how it went was I woke two Sundays ago to an unusual quietude.

The house was preternaturally still: no playful, elephantine tumbling down the main stairs accompanied by shrieks tuned to a pitch such the dog’s ears always twitch and then seep blood.

And the upper rooms were just as quiet – Nora and the Astas were gone.

I made coffee and took a cup out onto the back porch. Save for my southerly neighbor backing his BMW riding lawnmower out of its dedicated shed, nothing stirred in the neighborhood.

It appeared I was on my own.

I hustled back inside and loaded up Call of Duty: Black Ops on the Wii.

That may seem to you a juvenile response to the situation, but you don’t know Nora. She would be back and have the Astas in the tub promptly by 7:30 PM, Rapture I or not:

Monday was still a school day.

And the advent of Rapture II?

Let’s just say…things are not what they appear to be, nor are they otherwise.

Who is that: a young Frankie Avalon?

Apparently some stuff did get levitated up into the Great Beyond. I don’t want to poach our local Émigré‘s patch 1, but I have to post at least one old photo…

Back in the day –when Len Dawson was making his bones and actually looked like the guy to the left– the Kansas City Chiefs headquarters and practice facility was located on the northern edge of Swope Park at 63rd St. Parkway and Lewis. The building itself was built specifically for the Chiefs; Mayor H. Roe Bartle demanded the park board build the facility waaaaaay back in ’63, which actually instrumental in moving the Dallas Texans to KC.

Below is a recent pic, courtesy of the Google Car, of what the building once looked like.

And below is what was left the morning after Rapture I.

Because I do this, I grabbed a souvenir.

This will go into my rock garden, along with a couple large “pebbles” from Pebble Beach and several actual pebbles from Ryoanji temple.

As the golfing season is well upon us (read – I’ve a 9:40 tee time), I’ll leave you folks stuck in offices for the rest of the day with some Roy and Dale. Happy Trails!

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