The Bevo 10 – brought to you by the University of Texas

Next Year

College ball?

This is the last year one will be able to say ‘the Big 12′. Next year it will officially be ‘the Bevo 10′. 1

But who cares?

Nebraska will win the North, OK will win the Conference and the Buffs will suck their thumb and hope the boosters come through 2 with enough ‘fuck you’ money to escape to the PAC-10 (Yes!) in 2011.

The other North teams will fall all over themselves to screw up when it matters the most, leaving Texas to tak home all the silver. And we mean, ALL THE SILVER.

It will be a boring season made insufferable by the talking heads:

Pinhead1: So, Pinhead2…

Pinhead2: (chuckle)…oh, I know where this is going…

Pinhead1: Now the season’s under way, what is on everyones’ mind…

Pinhead2: (chortle)…here it comes!

Pinhead1: …what happens to the league after NU and CU leave?

Pinhead2: …and what kind of year can we expect from those schools? Will they be ready to play football? Or …

Pinhead1: …you’ve got the whole Dan Hawkins and his kid situation…

Pinhead2: Well, I don’t think Nebraska plans on doing anything but whipping every team they play!

Pinhead1: That may be but Kansas will have something to say about that in the North…

Pinhead2: Kansas? I’ve got them finishing 4th in the North. Iowa State is the team to watch…

Pinhead1: …and in the South Texas seems poised to run whole hog through the South…

Pinhead2: Think Texas plans on sharing any of that new TV money?!

Pinhead1: Well, Bebe swears

Pinhead2: …he does indeed…


Wake us in 2011…3


Show 3 footnotes

  1. …or ‘the Middlin’ 11’. A lot depends on when Colorado escapes to the west coast. (Though my $$$$ says they go soon soon soon) Also? Every time you utter or write ‘Bevo 10′ {or 11}, be prepared to pay royalties to UT; damn! we just cost ourselves $500. Yes, Virginia, UT does think that highly of themselves.
  2. Who are amassing a $3 million war-chest to buy out Hawkin’s contract before the move to the PAC10.
  3. Assuming the CU boosters come through. Otherwise, 2012.

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