Does Kansas City Really Need Another Vuvuzela Club?

As you are aware, Constant Reader, I share absolutely everything with you.

Perhaps I sometimes over-share (in the pathological sense) but, really, what is the Internet for if not to allow me to badly pen and publish my every waking thought?

And you are also aware that what I share here comes from my own overcooked brain, that the random, malformed spurts of idea spermatozoa that splatter these electronic pages are my own and do not reflect the viewpoint of anyone else on the VBKC (Vuvuzela Blowers of Kansas City) board or any other VBKC member.

Yes, I know this post may generate some controversy, perhaps even cause some people to become upset that I have brought the issue into the open. So be it. I have always believed that if you needed to kill a dwarf there is no sense in dawdling about: go kill the dwarf. Likewise, if you need to say something, say it.

As a member of the VBKC board, I also fully believe that one should be open about issues that concern VBKC members.

For those of you as yet unaware the board was notified a few weeks ago that a new Vuvuzela Blowers Club had requested official start-up rights in Johnson County. This club was started by a local vuvuzela blowing agency and, truthfully? I don’t have a good history with them. So, while what I share here may be a tad biased, I truly believe a few hard questions need to be asked.

When I first heard the news, immediately my thoughts turned to the current VBKC group that we established, through long hard and constant blowing!, over the last few years, and how we have over grown to over 1,200-members!  With the news of a new VBJOCO group there was initial apprehension on my part: who is this new group was and what are their intentions? Normal VBKC members were also worried VBJOCO might divide our current VBKC group in the future – after all, aren’t some VBKC members JOCO residents? For reasons I won’t get into here, nor necessarily agree with, this new VB club was approved for our area. Our next step is to figure out how VBKC will work with the new VBJOCO chapter and do so without stepping on each other’s vuvuzelas.

Many of you know there has always been some who believe there is some imaginary line that separates Johnson County residents from Kansas City residents. This is not imaginary. There is indeed a legal demarcation between the states of Missouri and Kansas that, at least in certain portions of Kansas City proper, is physically represented by State Line road.

However I think this is a bogus concept.

It does no good to support a perceived separation with VBJOCO that focuses on Johnson County only. To be told that not every JOCO resident will cross this “line” to attend events in Kansas City, let alone attend VBKC specific events, is an excuse to me that holds little to no water. Okay, perhaps a cup of water. Or, at least, a drop, a drop that you could put in a teacup that could be taken down to the riverside and tossed in…I say this because I am a resident of Johnson County and I have no problem travelling to events in Kansas City. Sure, I would prefer events closer to where I live, but I don’t completely blow off events where I know I can possibly score meet others and network.

Surprisingly, there was never any communication from our current VBKC members, about half of whom come from Johnson County, about the need for another VB group. That is why this new chapter that was started came by surprise to so many. Why is it needed – just because a few people want it?

I mean if this was such a need for Johnson County residents to start their own VB chapter, why wasn’t a poll taken in order to gauge the interest and mindset of others who hate the idea about setting up such a group? This could have been easily done. More, it would have involved me the current community and allowed me to squash the idea everyone to express their opinion.

The Vuvuzela Blowers Club has long blown for community and when you don’t involve me them from the start, you will annoy me run into trouble. Another thing is the fact that this new chapter was started by a local vuvuzela blowing agency. Doesn’t this seem a little interesting? A company starting a Vuvuzela Blowers Chapter that specializes in vuvuzela blowing as their business?

Look, I may be way off base here, but that smells fishy to me.  I am not saying that the agency was in the wrong by starting a new chapter, but to me, it doesn’t seem right.

Also, a board is forthcoming for the new chapter, though there is as yet no mention of who might sit the board or how they’ll be chosen. How did the VBKC group choose me our board? Through a voting process that involved our whole community. Again, no knock on VBJOCO, but if you are tooting your horn about vuvuzela blowing, it would make sense to me to be transparent about your actions from the beginning to the end.

I would like to hear from the community about their thoughts on this new chapter.

I may be completely wrong in my assumptions and if I am, I will cry. Or, at least, take some lessons in basic sentence structuring and something I saw that looks really neat called “Your Friend the Paragraph.” acknowledge it. However, I can state with assurance that the VBKC board and its respective vuvuzela blowing committees have always had everyone, no matter their geographic location, in mind when we plan our events.

Yes, we need to do a better job in rotating events between KC proper and JOCO. But I truly believe we have done a great decent fair okay job so far with the lunches and happy hours recently planned.

I will speak more about the new VBOCO chapter once it actually starts to form and we determine how many of our members defect to stay closer to home how they operate. I don’t wish to see a diminishing of my miniscule though very important to ME powers separation from what VBKC has established over the years just because a new vuvuzela blower toots into town to take over blow their own toneless song.

Thoughts? Comments are open. Post away. I am interested in how you feel. Please love me be honest.

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