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These people have just been told there is no tomorrow.

Somewhere down the road, perhaps ten years from now, a photo like this will be snapped documenting the Star’s final demise. Because sure as St. Alphonzo makes light and fluffy brown pancakes, McClatchy will eventually shutter all but the bare bones of the Star, the end product resembling nothing but a local USA Today imitation. 1

There is an interesting article about why the P-I will no longer be printed. As well as an item dissecting the event from the technology perspective. And, naturally, the de rigour straight reporting of the paper’s demise. All of which is on the P-I’s web site.

You know what’s on the Star’s online site this morning about yesterday’s blood letting?

Zip. Zilch. Zero. Nada. Not a damn thing. It’s as though it never happened.

So…what did rise to the Star’s level of interest:

Aaron Barnhart (still pissed about being mistaken for Bill Maher’s agent) takes a couple of gratuitous shots at BLC over Lenny Dawson; one lane of 71 has been closed in Cass county (undoubtedly merely for the annoyance factor); Westport businesses seem to be brimming with confidence; Garmin (who also recently let some folks dangle in the breeze) seems to suddenly be the world GPS leader (really? Every golfer I know wouldn’t touch their overpriced units on a bet; maybe they’re making their money on car units); Chris Lester notes that, as a nation, we’ve become frugal. Later in the week Chris will pen a series explaining why it gets dark at night…

Oh! And of course Mark Zieman is still pimping out his wife; day 80. 2

So we wonder: will there be a “Best of DeAnn Smith” page somewhere on the Star’s web site? Perhaps Greg Peters will have a 2-page spread of the photos he worked on and John Mark Eberhart will retain a “Recommended By” list of his favorite books?

No, noe of tht will happen.

And it’s utter crap, as well as an insult to the folks the Star canned yesterday.

My “favorite” item on the Star’s site yesterday was this:

Small-business owners: Have you instituted wage freezes, wage cuts or furloughs in an effort to avoid or minimize layoffs? Please share your strategies for a possible article. Send e-mail to

No irony there…

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Show 2 footnotes

  1. Their online version will not, we suspect, fare much better. At that point, should the current  layoff trends on Grand continue, anyone worth their salt will have already have left or been poached by smarter news businesses. What’s really needed is for McClatchy to come to its senses and sell the Star to to a deep-pockets owner, someone like Warren Buffet, someone with the cash and acumen to really make the web work for them. Otherwise McClatchy will nickel and dime the Star to death…a costly, slow moving apocalypse.
  2. Maybe we’re being unfair about this. Perhaps Zieman has a perfectly valid reason for leaving Lokeman’s Op/Ed page hanging out on the Star’s web site. Tell you what…we’re going to take a quick second…wait…wait…wait. Okay, done!. We just e-mailed Mark asking him… we’ll let you know the exact second Zieman responds.

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