Blog Wars…Not

David Perlmutter, Associate Dean for Graduate Studies & Research in the William Allen White School of Journalism & Mass Communications at the University of Kansas just completed taping a segment with Jon Stewart for an upcoming TDS.

As the blurb on the TDS site announces, author of Blog Wars, “analyzes how blogs have transformed the electoral landscape.”

There is not a definitive air date yet (or if there is I missed it; an assist, please?) but I’m sure if you Tivo the show for the next couple of nights you’ll catch Professor Perlmutter. Short of that, you can go to his site and actually READ his thoughts. Conversely, you can hit the TDS site er…daily…and look for the clip.

Professor Perlmutter was part of an open seminar on blogging vs traditional news hosted by and at KSHB 2 Saturdays ago.

In a related story, Christa Dubill -who also attended said seminar and blogs as part of her duties at KSHB- pens a post concerning KC’s Best Burger. In a blatant snub, X.O.‘s burger was nowhere on the list. 1 2

Happy viewing.

WNBTv - Good TV!

UPDATE: The Pitch posted the interview -from last night- on their site later this morning.


Show 2 footnotes

  1. Perhaps Mrs. Dubill is unaware that X.O. is on speaking terms with IronMan and could have her thoroughly thrashed, eh? Or tkc, for that matter.
  2. Though I believe Warren has offered to take that little job firmly in hand.

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