Material guy n gal

I know not who said it, but it went something like this:

€˜ €¦Democratic scandals always involve money because they almost never have any; Republican scandals always involve sex because they €™ve never had any. € 1

Or something to that effect.

Still and all, Sen. Sam €œI loves me some nuns € Brownback is just begging for it [wink wink, nudge nudge] with the following video.

The video was produced by the Wichita Eagle €™s Opinion page staff, as announced on their front page online today, and -if I €™m any judge- destined for YOUTUBE.

Should be a biiiiig boost for his campaign, eh, wot, wot?

WNBTv - Good TV!

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  1. At least, the GOP’rs   haven’t had sex with what a clear majority of Americans would consider an attractive woman.

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