Kill the Children

Wouldn’t that make an outstanding slogan for Rick Perry’s 2016 presidential bid: Kill The Children. 1

Not that we’re being cynical; we’re sure there’s an absolutely stunner of a good reason for Perry’s 4 trips to Iowa over the last half-year, including the most recent visit just days before he deployed the National Guard. Probably something to do with corn, right?

In any event, just what should the National Guard be doing?

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Rêves doux

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  1. Though it probably won’t poll quite as well as Palin’s “Impeach the Nigger!”

How Hot?

Summers in most of the U.S. are already warmer than they were in the 1970s. And climate models tell us that summers are going to keep getting hotter as greenhouse gas emissions continue. What will this warming feel like? Our new analysis of future summers illustrates just how dramatic warming is going to be by the end of this century if current emissions trends continue unabated.

For our Blistering Future Summers interactive we have projected summer high temperatures for the end of this century for 1,001 cities, and then showed which city in the U.S. — or elsewhere in the world, if we couldn’t find one here — is experiencing those temperatures today. We’ve highlighted several striking examples on the interactive, but make sure to explore and find how much hotter summers will likely be in your city.

How hot, you say? Click anywhere on the map below to find out.

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