2018 Oscars

NPR has the complete list of nominees.

As I’ve only seen Baby Driver 1 I’ll leave the predictions alone for this year. 2

I will note, however, the following:

So from a feminist, not to mention a MeToo perspective…same as it ever was, n’est-ce pas?

2018 Oscars

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  1. It’s out on PPV already.
  2. Much as I have foregone any general predictions for 2018…other than to say this is definitely the dirt nap year for both Bush “I Don’t Know Where My Hands Are” The Elder and the Queen Mum.

No Winners, Just Losers

As a friend on FB put it yesterday…stupid fucking Democrats.

Trump’s (first) shutdown of the government lasted what? Two and a half days? And even that was too long for the Democrats.

Lordy lordy lordy, we tried,” you could hear the Dems quailing. “We tried to protect several hundred thousand young immigrants –immigrants who were brought to this country by their parents, through no dissembling of their own– from deportation. We tried! But we were afraid we’d lose our comfortable jobs! But is was harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd!

The Senate Democrats  –as betrayed by Chuck Schumer– gave in to GOP demands, in exchange for a handful of magic beans promise from McConnell to address immigration in the coming weeks. They helped pass a bill not markedly different from the one on the table Friday.

Again from our FB friend:

Here’s why that’s idiocy:!

1. Mitch keeps his word [ Hahahahaha – jes’ kidding!] and holds a vote. IF the bill passed, would Zombie-eyed Granny-Starver Paul Ryan bring it up for a vote in the House? Ah, hell no – see earlier traitorous action vis a vis Rubio.

2. If ZEGS DID bring the immigration bill to a vote in the House, would the House Freedom Caucus kill it? [Pro Tip: YES.]

Mid Morning UPDATE: Apparently getting shot has made Rep. Steve Scalise cranky; he’s telling everyone who will listen the House is NOT going to entertain an immigration bill. You’d have to shoot him to get him (again)to change his mind.

3. If an immigration bill should make it through Congress, would Comrade Racist veto it? [Pro Tip: Why are you even asking this? Of COURSE the president* would veto it; he’d NEVER risk alienating the 33% of GOP Deplorables who are his base.]

4. But Trump promised to sign said legislation. [Pro Tip: You trust Trump to keep a promise? C’mon over here, son, I got a bridge you gotta buy…]

The above is why Dems rightly believe any immigration reform must be attached to a must-pass legislation; though separating the issues SOUNDS reasonable, it is not in this case.

Come February? It will be something else, possibly Trump’s penis substitute, er..his wall. If that wasn’t already snuck into this CR, of course.

Of course if you parse what Gríma Wormtongue actually said, it was that he “intended” to hold a vote; the distance between Wormtongue’s lies…er, words and the actual deed  can be measured in light years…

No,  there were no winners in this shutdown. The question is who lost the most: The ReThugs have to go at this again in 3 weeks; the Dems have that long to find their collective spines.

The only putative bright spot in all of this is the possibility both sets of jackasses come to realize that anyone who allows deportations of young people to take place will take it in the shorts come the fall elections.

Don’t hold your breath though; neither set of Congress critters are known for their common sense.

No Winners, Just Losers

Lees and Orts

Lees and Orts

No expense is spared for our Olympians!

Pyeongchang, South Korea, is expected to be painfully cold when the Winter Olympics begin there this February. A harsh wind from Siberia regularly tears south across the Manchurian Plain and into the mountainous region, creating wind chills in the single digits Fahrenheit, the AP reports. Several people in the area have already had to be treated for hypothermia this year.

But the US team should feel toasty when they march out in their Ralph Lauren gear during the opening ceremony. Inside their red, white, and blue parkas will be an electronic heating system, made of flexible carbon and silver ink printed directly onto the fabric—in the shape of an American flag, of course.

At an estimated cost of $1K per parka, the outwear is more expensive than an actual gold medal.

Lees and Orts

Botox camel lips?

The dromedaries paraded down a dusty racetrack as judges rated the size of their lips, cheeks, heads and knees. Crowds of men watched from the bleachers, hooting when the beasts representing their own tribe loped down the track.

A dozen beasts have been disqualified from this year’s Saudi “camel beauty contest” because their handlers used Botox to make them more handsome.

“The camel,” explained the chief judge of the show, Fawzan al-Madi, “is a symbol of Saudi Arabia. We used to preserve it out of necessity, now we preserve it as a pastime.”

Seems unfair; what if the handler(s) are using the botox to correct strabismus, blepharospasm, or cervical dystonia and torticollis?

What then haters? Are camels not people? 1

Lees and Orts

One of Asia’s most familiar food, mung beans, is being reintroduced to the region in a completely reinvented form by a Silicon Valley startup.

This week (Jan 22), San Francisco-based JUST (formerly known as Hampton Creek) debuted its new plant-derived scrambled “eggs” for the Asian markets in Hong Kong. The product—which the company had been promising since its inception in December 2011—is called “Just Scramble.”

When the product is poured into a heated pan, it quickly spreads and begins to cook much like real eggs. The company says Just Scramble has a shelf life of eight to 10 days right now, though its food scientists are working to extend that time.

Meh: You say mung beans, I say tofu, the taste is almost the same – nonexistent.

Lees and Orts

So far, so good. I hope SCOTUS leaves this one to the states. 2

In a decision that could tilt the congressional balance of power in a key swing state in favor of Democrats, Pennsylvania’s highest court decided Monday that the state’s GOP-drawn congressional districts violate its Constitution, and ordered all 18 districts redrawn in the next few weeks.

Less partisan congressional districts could give Democrats a chance this November to win back as many as half a dozen seats that had been lost to them over the past decade. It could also give the party a major boost in its quest to take back the House of Representatives, where Democrats need to net 24 seats to win control of the chamber…

…In a 4-to-3 decision, Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ordered the Republican-controlled state legislature to redraw the lines by Feb. 9, an extraordinarily quick timeline that will reset the districts in time for the state’s May congressional primaries. Democratic Gov. Tom Wolf will have veto power over the maps…

…How the court reached its decision is just as significant as what they decided. This is the second court case in recent weeks to throw out electoral lines because they were drawn to favor one party’s voters over another, decisions that have mostly benefited Democrats…

…Monday’s case wasn’t the only one involving Pennsylvania’s maps. A three-judge panel on a federal court recently sided with Republicans, though Pildes and other legal experts think Monday’s state Supreme Court decision will be the final word.

Legal analysts also weren’t sure that appealing to the Supreme Court is a possibility, given that Pennsylvania’s state court ruled that the lines violated the state Constitution. The Supreme Court has never thrown out a state’s redistricting plan because of extreme partisan gerrymandering. 3

Lees and Orts

Show 3 footnotes

  1. Well, yes. In our opinion if corporations are people, then so too are dromedaries.
  2. Though decisions like this is exactly why the ReThugs appointed neo-Confederates Roberts and Gorsuch, so don’t expect this to stand.
  3. HOWEVER…in this particular case the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled solely on the state constitution, which means –assuming SCOTUS doesn’t make up pull some sort of bogus law out of its ass {Bush v. Gore, 531 U.S. 98 (2000)}, this ruling will stand.