re Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Well…it’s about time! Thought for sure we’d have another wingnut exercising his/her 2nd Amendment rights over the holidays, but it didn’t happen.

Guess in this case the unrelenting mild Florida days got to him.

Y A A A A A A W W W W W N N N N.

And now for the ever expanding catechism:

…or here or here or here or here or here or…you get the idea.

There’s no sense in writing anything new about America’s insane love affair with guns; we’re not Australia, we won’t do the right thing. 1 2

And, per usual, the fucking NRA and their bought-off politicians send their “thoughts and prayers.”

re Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

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  1. Instead we’ll continue to ignore the situation, hoping it will just go away. Hey – it’s worked so far… Right?
  2. It’s a crying shame Steve Scalise and his ilk weren’t visiting all the noted places at the time; maybe being shot multiple times at multiple venues would wake those fuckers up.

Jared Kushner – Slumlord

Hey kids! Guess who’s being sued for being a YUUUUUGE slum lord asshole?

That’s right, it’s Jared “Couldn’t Pass an FBI Background Check if Given a Decade” Kushner!

The slumlord’s legal team had been attempting to move this case to a federal docket where, presumably, a jury would be less sympathetic to the tenants. The downside to this was the Federal court demanded Slumlord Kushner reveal all the corporations’ Russian investors, said information to also be made public.

So…surprise surprise surprise!…it appears that the case will remain in The Crab State:

Jared Kushner’s family real estate company has backtracked on its effort to have a lawsuit filed against it by tenants of its Baltimore-area apartment complexes moved to federal court, after a judge ruled that this transfer would require it to reveal the identities of its investment partners.

The tenants’ class-action lawsuit was filed in the Circuit Court for Baltimore City in September, four months after a ProPublica article co-published with the New York Times Magazine described the highly aggressive tactics used by Kushner Companies to pursue tenants and former tenants over allegedly unpaid rent or broken leases. The lawsuit alleged that Kushner Companies, which owns 15 large apartment complexes in the Baltimore area, was improperly piling late fees and court fees onto tenants’ bills, often in excess of state limits, and using the threat of immediate eviction to force payment.

In early November, the various Kushner affiliates named in the lawsuit filed a request to have the case moved from the state court, where it would be heard by a Baltimore City jury, to the federal courts, where it would be heard by a jury drawn from a broader geographic swath of Maryland. To get approval for this request, Kushner Companies had to show that none of the investors it has brought in as partners on the complexes are based in Maryland.

The Kushner affiliates also filed a motion in federal court seeking to have the list of the investment partners shielded from public view, citing the high degree of media interest in Jared Kushner, who as Kushner Companies CEO presided over the purchase of the complexes before moving into the White House to serve as senior advisor to President Donald Trump, his father-in-law. “Given the tenor of the media’s reporting of this case, including politically-motivated innuendo no doubt intended to disparage the First Family, there is foreseeable risk of prejudice to the privacy rights and reputations of innocent private investors,” the Kushner lawyers wrote.

What do you think – there are probably tons of mom and pop 1 investors in Kushner’s money laundering scheme side gig, n’est-ce pas? Small folk who might be tarred with the same fake illegalities brush? Sad! Bigly!

Jared Kushner - Slumlord || WNBTv

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  1.   READ: mobsters, drug lords, Saudis, Chinese, local Brighton Beach Russians as well as Russian oligarchs. Ooh ooh ooh – and maybe a whole buncha Israelis?

Trump’s Cognitive Decline

As if we didn’t know.

The only person oblivious to this fact is Trump’s personal physician and bootlicker, Dr. Ronny L. Jackson.

Trump's Cognitive Decline || WNBTv

P.F. Chang’s

WLS-TV, the ABC news affiliate in Chicago, took the gold in Olympics Title Error:

Jayme Nicholas, a spokesperson for the ABC affiliate in Chicago, told Inc. that the goof was the result of a mix-up. The graphic was created for a different “satirical piece” put together on Friday by sports anchor Mark Giangreco in which viewers were encouraged to invent their own Olympic sports, but it was mistakenly also used for the serious news story read on Saturday by weekend anchor Mark Rivera, Nicholas said.

Someone is sooooooo fired.

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