I Hear You

It’s obscene that the White House staff has to prepare a list of responses for the president* to use while “listening” to Florida school shooting survivors, but there it is.

The Washington Post pegs the president*’s issue as a lack of empathy: He’s not use to caring about what other people think, much less letting it be known “he hears” them. 1

Moreover you’ll notice the president* doesn’t even have the common sense to at least play this single card close to his bespoke vest, instead parading to the world he needs a cheat sheet. 2

I fear –Dr. Ronnie’s acute medical assessment aside– the issue is more dire: Not only is the president*’s cognitive decline such that he can’t remember 5 basic ideas related to one topic, if you look closely enough, you’ll see the WH staff has had to embroider the president*’s shirt cuff with the number “45”.

You know…to remind the moron who and what he is.

Mueller needs to hurry…

I Hear You

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  1. “6. No Collusion.”
  2. I wonder what is on the other side – still a picture of the 2016 Election Map? Sad…BIGLY!

Fan Mail From Some Flounder

February 16th 2018


So when are you going to admit there’s no collusion? Your butt boi released his report and it’s all about some Russians and their research companies, none of who exist in America. But you lefties insist on dragging Trump down despite everything he’s done for the common man in this country. Well, it won’t work, the FBI will soon show that this is all the work of Hillary and Biden and the whole Russian thing is just a smokescreen.

J. White
At Joseph, MO


I am perpetually amazed at the level of denial Trumpers continue to exhibit in the face of the quickly accruing evidence to the contrary.

The GOP goes crazy over Nunes’ concocted piece of shit memo and what does Mueller do? He bitch slaps Trump’s boot-lick with a 13 person indictment proving Russian interference. No more cover – how does any ReThug stand up and say the whole Russian ‘thing’ is a hoax? Can’t be done.

Have you not seen the latest? A lawyer working for a New York white shoe law firm was charged with lying about his interactions with former Trump campaign aide Rick Gates and will enter a guilty plea later this afternoon.

Do you not know that Gates himself is expected to come to a plea agreement with Mueller’s team by the end of the month?

Don’t you know that Gates plea arrangement mean’s Manafort’s legal blustering is but failed theater? And that both lil’ Donnie Jr and Kushner are gong to be fed to the wolves next? It’s all coming apart, J.  ALL   OF   IT1

In fact, if I were Manafort I’d either cut a deal with Mueller as quick as possible and put myself in protective custody or hire taste testers by the dozen: I’m hard pressed to think of a reason why Putin won’t have an unwitting American serve Paul a polonium-filled baker. 2

And you know the president* is feeling the heat. 3

Oh, yes.

So, no J. , I’m not admitting there was no collusion because it will soon be clear there so obviously was, as well as a host of other criminal charges.

Best Regards,
The Generalissimo


Fan Mail From Some Flounder

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  1. Sure, at some point the president* will (maybe) have the option of pardoning the rats…of their Federal crimes. But if you think Mueller won’t share his findings with state and local prosecutors to ensnare every piece of shit involved, you haven’t been following his strategy closely enough.
  2. If you have yet to read The Nation’s take on Manafort, no time like the present.
  3. Good Christ! Even Thomas Friedman, who has long made a career being wrong, has finally figured it out.

Girl Scout Baked Sales

When a Californian Girl Scout had to sell some cookies, she saw a golden opportunity in her state’s new law fully legalizing marijuana

The Girl Scout in San Diego, who’s not been identified, parked outside of a legal marijuana shop to sell cookies — and she managed to sell more than 300 boxes in six hours. According to the New York Times, that’s likely more than $1,500 raised.

This is simply good business sense, given that the munchies can be a big motivator for buying Girl Scout cookies and other junk food. And it will fund a good cause — much of the money will ultimately go back to the local Girl Scouts organization.

It was also good for Urbn Leaf, the pot shop where the girl sold hundreds of boxes of cookies. The store put out an Instagram photo with the girl, essentially advertising her services — and encouraging people to come along with friends to buy some cannabis. The post drew more than 1,400 likes as of Friday afternoon.

Girl Scout Baked Sales

re Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Well…it’s about time! Thought for sure we’d have another wingnut exercising his/her 2nd Amendment rights over the holidays, but it didn’t happen.

Guess in this case the unrelenting mild Florida days got to him.

Y A A A A A A W W W W W N N N N.

And now for the ever expanding catechism:

…or here or here or here or here or here or…you get the idea.

There’s no sense in writing anything new about America’s insane love affair with guns; we’re not Australia, we won’t do the right thing. 1 2

And, per usual, the fucking NRA and their bought-off politicians send their “thoughts and prayers.”

re Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

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  1. Instead we’ll continue to ignore the situation, hoping it will just go away. Hey – it’s worked so far… Right?
  2. It’s a crying shame Steve Scalise and his ilk weren’t visiting all the noted places at the time; maybe being shot multiple times at multiple venues would wake those fuckers up.